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10.64-Carat Fancy Violet-Pink Diamond Ring Deal

Sotheby's Hong Kong autumn auction of a 10.64 carat brilliant fuchsia pink internal flawless diamond with diamond ring for HK $ 155,831,000

About the pink diamond



This brilliant purple-pink diamond weighs 10.64 carats, which can be called a miracle of nature.

It is a rare "brilliant color" grade (less than 4% of natural pink diamonds), with a purple color, which looks more sweet and charming.


This diamond is highly transparent, saturated in color, and has a clarity rating of internally flawless, which is really commendable. In terms of cutting, it combines the beauty of emerald-shaped cut and Radian-style cut to make the diamond have an elegant shape, and at the same time, it can fully flicker and shine, making the color more intense and strong.

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