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2021 spring and summer theme trend keywords



In the spring and summer of 2021 when the health of social life and the economy enter the new normal of diversified coexistence, people use bionic art to rebuild the connection with nature, and use technology to virtualize and digitally upgrade the emotional future sixth sense resonance, and the mixed sweet beauty has a strong temperament. The expressive power of personality that plastics gender fluidity, the gentle and delicate wind of natural balance renews the summer ocean, copy and paste redefines the popular timeline, subverts the casual exquisite sexiness, the East Asian national consciousness of land culture, and evolves into the new aesthetic cottagecore pastoral style. 2021SS women's clothing 10 major thematic trend keywords, the key areas that need to be paid attention to this season are refined, and are an early warning of the new season's theme trends. This report refines the keywords of the theme style, supplements and expands the theme trends. POP will continue to update the keyword report in order to quickly capture trend points and quick response.



Bionic art

The bionic art imitates the characteristics of nature's biological signs and is used in the clothing and fashion of the new generation to rebuild the intimate connection between man and nature, and use body space to contain natural evolutionary aesthetics. The bionic design more reflects the fast-paced fashion and post-life consumer's pursuit of personalized and natural products. The innovative synthetic materials and 3D modeling techniques that mimic nature. The Korean star makeup artist and photographer Chogiseok is good at extracting flowers and plants. In portrait photography, the shape of plants extracted from nature and the light perception of colors illustrate the futuristic fashion style of personality. The natural organic and plant dyeing of bionic technology brings material innovation. The brand draws inspiration from natural bionics, meets the emotional needs of consumers, and creates products that are functional and elegant.



Mysterious psychic

People's yearning for nature, mysticism and ancient art, strange ideas and ancient wisdom will be more favored by inclusive consumers. The rise of spiritual and healing themes will bring a more interoperable lifestyle, and spiritual slogans and other elements will be further developed from the mysterious rules with evolution, the Advisory Board has become a real changer in the field of clothing with its soul and benevolent perspective. Let consumers who are exploring the meaning of life in an unstable era recognize valuable mental activities. Textured linoleum relief technology and traditional printing and dyeing technology create a simple and original appearance, and apply it to more friendly designs such as incentive printing and plaid. Make modernism present a mysterious temperament.



Subvert sexy

Following the design concept of casual tailoring and collage, the hollow design has always been popular on the stage of the fashion circle, and the creative hollow and pattern details promote sexy novelty. The creative cut-out cutout replaces the sexy glitz of a large area of cutouts. It is presented in a brilliance and deep black appearance. The metal fittings and leather dressing echo this new style, presenting a dark and romantic ever-changing girl image. The multi-angle hollow design such as asymmetrical hollowing of the front chest and dislocation of the shoulders gives the original ordinary clothes a layered texture, showing only a little sexy, exquisite and sexy at the same time elegant and romantic. Katimo from Ukraine presents a hollow design on the modern version by stitching to meet the needs of advanced basic models.



Copy and paste

Reshaping the past and the present under the new normal has become a new stage of fashion development. New series are no longer manufactured, and the iconic works of the past series are re-examined, eliciting in-depth consumption reflection on the rapid pace of fashion. The iconic design elements are copied and pasted into the new design, re-deconstructing the new fashion, and officially sustainable future reconstruction. German artist: Alma Haser uses a variety of media channels and always has to repeat himself as an example, copying collages, re-shooting photos and weaving multiple images together to achieve a time-space balance. Copy and paste extract valuable designs from the linear time dimension, leading the trend of clothing reconstruction.



Sixth sense

The focus of virtual design is growing day by day. People's psychological feelings and virtual technology are integrated and constructed. In the future, the digital style envisioned by the world will become more popular. The fast-developing virtual and machine, learning from the sixth sense of human thinking, integrate soft focus and digital filters, extract the unreachable abstract psychedelic vision of the future, construct the tactile bond between spirit and reality, and create science fiction vision The artificial colors and abstract camouflage styles bring exciting future spirits. UNDERCOVER, which has always been known for its love of fictionalism, draws inspiration from "Blue Period", runs through and summarizes a variety of small themes with the "sixth sense" as the main body to interpret the insights on the "coexistence of the future" women's clothing, creating a surreal style.



Gender mobility

According to the Pew Research Center, 35% of Gen Z know people who use neutral pronouns, and they cater to Gen Z’s ambiguous gender needs. The gender boundaries are gradually blurred. Mental gender can break the physical gender limitation and can switch back and forth freely according to their needs. The market for genderless brands continues to grow. Many designers focus their design on “genderless” fashions, blending different styles and fashion elements with a neutral attitude, blending diverse personalities, and re-examining the diverse possibilities of clothing. A pair of glamorous twins-The Dupont Twins, appeared in a blockbuster by the makeup brand Haus Laboratory. The two broke through the boundaries of gender with an unprecedented image of breaking through the fashion world, releasing hermaphrodite beauty and expounding the mainstream aesthetics under gender mobility.



Sweet Chowder

The collision of multiple cultures has given the younger generation the aesthetics of dressing with mixed identities. They are in busy virtual social interactions, conveying the contradictory voice of "understanding is self" in the image of the private domain up master. Girly temperament, fresh and chic figurative to the clothing, adding retro elements and artistic movement, the perfect combination of elegance and the street, breaking the definition of sweet temperament. The multi-layer overlapping collage of color blocks conveys a casual, casual and optimistic style. The collision of sweet, weird and charming, leisure sports and other diverse styles in clothing expresses the anxiety and restlessness that should be in adolescence, and vividly gives a young girl a vigorous and sunny temperament. The set designer Remy Briere used diversified assembling of the live-action version of the Barbie dolls. The overall dressing mixes a variety of styles, which is charming and full of artistic and sunny girl temperament.



Summer ocean

In the future of the optimistic new normal, balancing optimism and invigorating consumers’ hearts will become equally important. Summer ocean vacations embody the vision of an escape theme, allowing nature to inspire seasonal capsules, warm particle surfaces and washed colors to renew the diversity of the coastline from the perspective, the nautical style gradually presents a refined and rustic style. Guernsey fisherman knitting caters to people's demand for real wearable cross-season items. Holiday clothing combines elegant textures to create a soft and simple dressing temperament. The new season of Versace brings us underwater. VersacePolis draws inspiration from the natural world and the concept of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. It integrates nature, temptation and fantasy into fashion. The charm is like a surging tide, conveying a powerful attitude towards life.



East Asian local

With the further east migration of the global power center and the shift of manufacturing industry to Southeast Asia, the national cultural consciousness of East Asia continues to rise to the mainstream. Designers in Southeast Asia have got rid of cultural baggage and stepped onto the international fashion stage, intercepting growing memories and visual symbols, and forming a style that blends personal and national feelings. Simple design, oriental style tailoring, and retro color matching have formed a modern Popular "new Chinese style" and "light retro Japanese style". Xiang Lingjing interprets a beautiful oriental beauty by the West Lake, sometimes ethereal and freehand, sometimes charming, East Asian culture blends into the present, producing a familiar and elegant aesthetic that is very experimental and conceptual.



Cottagecore Pastoral

Global isolation makes people more yearning for natural scenery and spurs new life needs. The Cottagecore aesthetics, which combines handmade style, natural materials and soft functional contours, advocates people to return to traditional skills and handicrafts, and is related to similar nostalgic aesthetic movements. Soft, warm and rich natural tones of the country, blending with earth tones, Jacquemus’s southern French pastoral style, awakens the original sense of high quality with “love”. The Mediterranean Spanish island-Menorca Experimental, a light-literary southern European art atmosphere, reinterprets the new pastoral style with modern life, perfectly fits the Cottagecore style, and undoubtedly reflects people's desire to return to a natural and pure lifestyle, with natural and rough materials. , Showing a rustic atmosphere.

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