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21/22 Autumn and Winter--Prediction of the fashion trend of T station


From the 2021 early autumn fashion week, it can be found that the overall trend of jewelry presents eye-catching designs and bold colors that shape the upper body. The fashion trends of this season and the next quarter will also focus on color. Super-large, exaggerated, colorful, and high-gloss are the focus of the 21/22 autumn and winter jewelry catwalk trend. The elements are mainly exaggerated marine elements, the materials will be biased towards abstract concept jewelry, the craftsmanship will be placed on the visual experience of high-gloss jewelry, and the style will be based on the colorful upper body. These will become the key development direction of 21/22 autumn and winter jewelry. The chain element has always been a popular element in the last quarter of the show, and it has been developed with high-gloss enlarged lines as the development trend.

Material-abstract concept metal

From the 21 spring and summer catwalk jewelry styling, the designer takes pure, large-scale materials as the primary focus. For example, the metal of the large surface and the transparent acrylic of the large surface and so on. Next, on this basis, geometric elements and abstract concepts will be added to reinterpret the design concept, which will also bring the new design to a new level. For example, the combination of textured metal surfaces and abstract concepts. And the combination of geometric architectural forms and abstract concepts will become the primary development trend of 21/22 autumn and winter.

Style recommendation

Take the brand Noir as an example, focusing on expressing abstract concepts with a sense of linear architectural space. It is a new attempt and a bold breakthrough in the shaping of the material metal, which also reflects the high standards and strict requirements of people for the design sense of jewelry wearing. This trend will prevail in autumn and winter. The transition from the abstract design sense of the metal surface to the overall form, and the combination of the two are both a high-level expression technique.

Craftsmanship-visual perception of high-gloss jewelry

The visual experience brought by jewelry precious metal craftsmanship is the most intuitive, and can also reflect the innovation of precious metal craftsmanship and the upgrading and reconstruction of people's labor achievements. This is not possible with other materials. The jewellery of the 2021 spring and summer show is mainly based on bright and shining elements. According to the above-mentioned development, high-brightness jewelry will continue to be popular and evolve into a high-gloss texture jewelry visual experience.

Style recommendation

The styles mainly recommend high-gloss spliced and gradient metal styles. The brand YProject uses white, yellow and red as color splicing and gradients from large to small, which can highlight the high-gloss visual effect of metal materials after polishing. This color difference is also one of the design techniques. High-gloss metal jewelry also shows the characteristics of higher craftsmanship.

Elements-Exaggerated Ocean

Mainly with gorgeous electroplating colors and oversized and exaggerated shapes, adding elements such as boat-shaped pendants, starfish earrings and marine fish, as well as the addition of some science and technology science fiction, make the style design more unique. Deriving the patterns of some marine elements is also the development trend of 21/22 autumn and winter. It has a sexy expression, and the combination of extreme complexity and exaggerated ocean will continue to be popular. It also confirms the theme of MOS plastic-free coast in the spring and summer of 2020, with environmental protection and ocean-based elements applied to the direction of jewelry.

Style recommendation

Protruding a few larger crystals inside the pavé crab claws can make the style more realistic and interesting. Then embellish pearls inside the jaws of the pliers, and use the uneven metal block surface as the tooth shape, and the style design is more specific and vivid. The combination of marine elements and line design is also a new trend design point in the future. Make marine life elements stand out. Among them, a balanced design method is used to combine tassels with the ocean.

Style-colorful jewelry

Put the visual center point on the upper body, mainly to create earrings and necklaces. Choose high-brightness colors to highlight the central point of vision. Use a variety of colors and different cut crystals or gems to make the style more dynamic. The visual experience brought by bold attempts at color collision, and the new areas that color collision presents in design.

Style recommendation

High-brightness colors are mainly used in enamel, electroplating and crystal colors. The color saturation of enamel is higher and plasticity is stronger. The electroplating color makes the style look more technological and futuristic, the refractive index is higher than that of enamel, and the light perception is stronger. The crystal color will be more translucent, and the combination of bow knots and love elements will make it more girlish.

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