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Beyaly Custom Earrings Manufacturer- Add Some Personality To Your Earrings

Are you on the hunt for quality custom earrings? Have you longed to add a hint of your personality to your jewelry? Beyaly custom earrings are what you should get your hands on.


With over ten years of manufacturing jewelry, Beyaly has mastered the art of customized earrings. We provide customers with customized jewelry made from sterling silver and stainless steel.   


Our online service and delivery is one of the best in China, and you can order your custom earrings in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking to replicate a family heirloom or to order wholesale earrings for your business, Beyaly has got the right service for you.


If you want to get your creative juices flowing, you can rely on our online ordering services to tell us exactly what you want. Moreover, we offer great discounts for special events and functions that you can make use of.


Let’s look at some benefits of custom earrings below.


Benefits of custom earrings


Creating your own earring design is a form of art. Whether you just want something unique or you want to celebrate an important milestone or event, a custom earring is the perfect pairing for life’s precious moments.


Benefits of custom earrings include:


1. Sentimental Value


We have seen countless movies showing a lady in her old age holding on to a special set of jewelry that reminds her of a wonderful time in her life. Life is full of precious and significant moments, and one way that you can immortalize such events is to custom make your earrings as a reminder of that time.


Whether you are purchasing for yourself or for someone else, the sentimental value of such intimate and thoughtful gifts can never be measured or replicated. It is the perfect way to leave something of yourself in this world that your loved ones will cherish when you are no longer in it.  


2. It gives you control


Raise your hand if you are a perfectionist! If you like things done a certain way, then our Beyaly custom earrings are the perfect choice for you.


Whilst ready-made pieces are great, sometimes you just need that personal touch to make sure you get exactly what you want. Perhaps you have a concept in mind that combines all of your favorite aspects in your earring, customization will help you achieve this vision.


You no longer have to settle and sacrifice any design elements that you may want to incorporate in your earring. The world is your oyster.  


3. It encourages your creativity


As much as designers and earring manufacturers try to create unique designs, sometimes you cannot find exactly what you are looking for.


Creating custom earrings gives you a chance to bring your concepts to life and make something that reflects exactly who you are. Beyaly offers you the chance to create something unique, unlike anything else in the world.


What's great about custom making your earrings is that you can stand apart in a crowd. If you are looking into earring wholesale, custom making your earrings will most likely make for a sustainable and profitable business. Clients will flock to you because you have something that no one else in the world does.

Difference between custom versus customized earrings


There is often confusion between custom earrings versus customized earrings. It is essential that you understand the difference between the two.


Generally customized earrings are a way to add your personal touch to the earring designs that we have already manufactured. Good examples of this are when you order a different color, when you engrave something in the jewelry or when you put together a new piece of jewelry from options that already exist. It is still great for having a unique set of earrings if the idea of designing from scratch is not appealing to you.


On the other hand, custom jewelry is made from scratch and usually the design is only used once. When you cannot find what you want or envision, ordering custom earrings on our online site is a great option for you.

The Beyaly custom earring ordering service is a simple three-step process that goes as follows:


1. You can get in touch with our sales personnel and provide images, videos, or sketches of what you want.


2. You then pay a deposit so that we can get the production of your custom earrings started


3. Once the design is completed, we will send you 3D design drawings for your approval.


Why choose us


Beyaly has outstanding quality control procedures in place. Our state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing processes ensure that you get the best custom earrings in the market.


We offer different types of custom earrings and customized earrings for individual or wholesale purchasing. Our diverse products ensure that we cater for many clients and their preferences. Moreover, our manufacturing process uses the latest innovative equipment that produces quality earrings of many shapes, colors, sizes and accessories.


Our motto at Beyaly is to allow our clients to be part of the manufacturing process. If you are not yet convinced, take a look at what we offer you below:


1. Over a decade of jewelry customization experience. We have provided customized services or solutions for no less than 300 customers in Europe and America.


2. Our design team is the best in the industry. We make use of software such as jewelry CAD and rhinoceros to help your vision come to life. No design is too complicated for our amazing team.


3. Our production process is professional, accurate, and flexible enough to suit your every need.

Our customized earring collection


If you are not inclined to design your own custom earring from scratch, we offer ready-made customized designs that you can tweak according to your preference. Below we have collected some of our best sellers so that you know exactly what you are working with and what we have on offer.

1. Simple designs sense metal rose gold plated wheel oversized circular thread wound earrings female ear drop earring

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Simple, elegant and lightweight, this oversized circular thread wound earring is a jaw dropper. 

You can order them with a rhodium finish or plated with rose gold and with sterling silver or gold filled ear wires. This is one of Beyaly’s best customized earrings that you can tweak to your liking. 

2. Personalized Iced Out CZ Full Diamond Shape Stud Earrings Jewelry for women


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If you love a fancy diamond custom earring in your collection, then these Iced Out CZ Full Diamond Shape Stud Earrings are the perfect addition. 

The geometric diamond shape design earrings are great for a fancy night out or an important event. Fully paved with clear zircon in sterling silver. The silver band and stone setting have been polished to highlight the texture detail of this customized earring. 

3. 925 Sterling Silver AAA CZ emerald color stone maple leaf earrings for women

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This brilliant set of pierced Beyaly earrings feature a maple leaf design. Plated in white gold-tone, these customized earrings are sprinkled with just the right amount of sparkling white AAA level zircon.

The square-shaped crystal studs amplify the elegance of this piece. They are ideal for festive and special occasions.

4. Fashion Gold plated Leaf Shape Pearl Drop Earrings

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If you love making a statement and standing out in the crowd, our gold plated leaf shape pearl drop custom earrings are perfect for you.

This pair of pierced Beyaly earrings feature embossed texture with imitation leaves. A gift that will keep on giving for your loved ones.

5. Full pave setting aaa cz blooming flower stud earrings


If you are going for a classy but understated look, this magnificent pair of flower earrings by Beyaly draws inspiration from the beauty of blooming agave.

Recreated in gleaming unified, clear zircon, its petals adorned with gleaming white stones. They will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

What you need to know when designing a custom earring


Choose Professional Designers


Beyaly has a significant advantage over other jewelry in the industry. We have very experienced designers on the ground that work very hard to bring you quality custom earrings.


You will find that not every jewelry manufacturer has these types of designers on their team. If you are in the earring wholesale business, a jewelry shop with professional designers is what you should look for.


Know the benefits of making your own designs


We have already talked about the benefits of making your own custom designed earrings above. So to reiterate in brief, if you are looking for something unique and specific whether as a combination of things you’ve seen or it may be from something you’ve envisioned then custom designing is what you should look into.


Know that there might be some design sacrifices that you need to make


The benefits of making your own custom earring are plenty. But while these benefits are great, there are some disadvantages that you will need to prepare for. These include:


● Custom earrings are pricier than ready-made earrings, depending on how complicated the design is.

● Custom earrings may take a bit of time to manufacture however at Beyaly our turnaround time is around 25 -35 working days.


● You will not get to feel, try on, or see the custom earring until it is made, which brings us to our next and final point below.


Brief Guide to choosing the best custom earring for your face

While anyone can wear any custom earring of their choice regardless of the structure of their face, unless you are experienced in the area, buying custom earrings that you will only see after production can be quite anxiety-inducing.


There are some things that you need to consider and depending on the style, shape and size of the custom earring, knowing what suits your face beforehand will ease some of that anxiety.


Our brief guide below will help you to have a general overview of where you stand and what can work for you.   


Heart-shaped face


A classic heart-shaped face features a narrow chin and a wider facial profile as you go higher. Your forehead will be the widest part of your face. If this is you then long, teardrop or chandelier style custom earrings will accentuate your shape and make your cheekbones more visible. They will also soften the narrowness of your chin, giving you a rounder face profile.


Square-shaped face


If your face is relatively the same length and width, then you have a square shape. Your cheekbones and jawline will look equally wide.


To complement the shape of your face, you can order hoop style custom earrings. They will flatter your shape and break down some of the straight lines of your face. Round shapes are also a good option for you. Try to stay away from square or diamond shapes because they will make the width of your face more prominent.



Round-shaped face


Your face is considered round if the overall impression it gives is circular. The widest area on your face is your cheeks with your forehead and your chin being equally wide.


The best custom earring for your round face is long tear drop shaped earrings that will narrow down the roundness a little bit and accentuate your cheekbones. This will make your face appear a little slimmer if the roundness bothers you. Always avoid round shaped custom earrings.


Oval-shaped face


If you have an oval-shaped face, you are one of the lucky ones. Your jaw and forehead are rounded, and the sides of your face are slightly curved with no sharp angles. Almost every earring shape looks great on you, so feel free to order any custom earring of your choosing.


Last word

If you are looking for a jeweler that has your best interest at heart, hop over to our website and get amazing customized and custom earring designs right in the comfort of your own home. 

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