One of the Leading Wholesale Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in China-Beyaly.


Hey, are you looking to buy stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry at low prices and of good quality? The Ans is yes, and you can buy it. You are on the right website for jewelry of good quality and at a low price. Beyaly Jewelry is a brand of jewelry serving for more than ten years. We are masters in the professionalism of jewelry customization. We provide our customer's customization service. Produced by Sterling Silver Jewelry and Stainless-Steel Jewelry, Beyaly Jewelers provides its customers with various jewelry different in colour, shape, and size. We deliver our customers with online service and offer customization service and a wholesale supplier. Beyaly Jewelry is known for its well-designed products and quality in China. Our service of customization of jewelry is the particular source for the attraction of customers that they can provide us their designs and in just a little time, our team members work hard for this and prepare a well-designed and well quality jewelry. Beyaly announces many discount offers on Chinese special events and functions. These discounts start from 20% to 50%. As Beyaly provides many discount offers and good quality to customers, that is the reason it is a well-known jewelry website among the Chinese.


Now the time arrives for discussing our variety and products that what kind of jewelry we manufacture, which quality of stainless steel and sterling silver we use for manufacturing our jewelry products. Beyaly Jewelry is jewelry manufacturers that manufacture a wide range of Charms and Pendants, Rings, Bangles and Bracelets, Earrings, Jewelry sets, Cufflinks, and necklaces. We prepare all these with Sterling Silver Jewelry as well as Stainless Steel jewelry.




Rings are the most demanding jewelry among women. Every woman is fond of wearing rings of good quality. Beyaly solves this problem for Chinese women. We prepare rings of different designs on the demand of our customers. Panic about the gift that you want to give your fiancé as an engagement gift? We have a solution to your problem. Just order us and we will ready a ring for you that is particularly designed for him or her with his or her name. We deliver them in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Some highlighted structure of rings is circle rings, geometric shape rings, Crown shape rings, paper clip shape rings, Oval-shape rings, and Trendy pear-shaped rings. We also prepare on-demand engagement rings as well as wedding rings. These rings are structured and prepared by well-quality Stainless Steel as well as Sterling Silver. We also prepare multi-layered rings. Stainless Steel rings are also colored and then presented the ring as Stainless-Steel rings with gold color polish. We also add some colorful beads to increase the beauty of the rings. Various shapes with different ideas and beads increase the beauty of the rings.


Jewelry Set


Beyaly, like rings, also provide a wide range of necklaces. These necklaces are made up of Stainless Steel as well as Sterling Silver. Stainless steel and Sterling silver make it beautiful, adding some stones and ideas that charms its beauty. We sometimes deliver Jewelry set as custom or some time on wholesale. Jewelry sets are manufactured in different shapes like a heart shape, sea-star shape, flower shape, etc. We add different gemstones with steel or silver to increase the uniqueness of Jewelry sets. These Jewelry sets are sometimes light-weighted or sometimes heavy weighted, based on the demand of customers.


Bangles and Bracelets


Searching for stainless steel and sterling silver bangles and bracelets. Then your wait is over. Beyaly prepares a large variety of Bangles and Bracelets with Stainless steel and Sterling silver. By adding some other ideas, bangles and bracelets become more beautiful and unique. We prepare Bangles and Bracelets of various designs, looks, and colors. Some designs of bracelets prepared by Beyaly are butterfly Bohemian bracelets, colored bead bracelets, Magnetic beads, stainless steel slap and snap bracelets, Golden light-weighted bracelets, White, Black ceramic bracelets, open style bracelets, round shape bracelets, and leather buckle bracelets. Some various designs of bangles are rose gold-plated bangle, adjustable screw thread bangle, two-color rose gold-plated bangle, black plated cuff bangle, gold and black round shape bangle, and rose gold round bangle. These Bangles and Bracelets are prepared in various colors that modify their beauty and attracts the customers.




Beyaly does not work only for women but also men. We prepare unique cufflinks for men. These cufflinks are prepared of Stainless steel and Sterling silver. These cufflinks are manufactured of good quality that never blackened for several years even water does not affect these cufflinks. They remain shiny and gives a gorgeous look. Cufflinks are prepared with different designs and shapes. Stones in the cufflinks are the major source that increases the beauty of these cufflinks. Some cufflinks are thickly designed and some are in a thin shape. These cufflinks are prepared to custom, and they are also sold wholesale. Some stones like stone brass, white stone, and blue stones are used to increase the uniqueness of cufflinks. Beyaly produces a large variety of cufflinks for men that is of good quality on which customers can trust and on custom as well as on wholesale can buy these cufflinks.




Seeking for well manufactured and unique quality earrings. Beyaly offers a large variety of earrings on custom and wholesale of good quality. These earrings are manufactured in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Earrings may be in various shapes like circle shape, rectangle shape, triangle shape, square shape, oval shape, cone shape, leaf shape, geometric shape, heart shape, flower shape, etc. Beyaly adds different stones and colors to these earrings which influences the uniqueness of these earrings. These earrings are often light-weighted as well as heavily weighted. The steel and silver used in the manufacturing of these earrings are of good quality that never blackened and lasts shiny and gorgeous for several years. We add different kinds of stones with stainless steel and sterling silver that attracts the customers. These earrings are available as custom and at wholesale prices. Beyaly also provides crystal make earrings of good quality with various colors and stones that are an attractive point for viewers and customers.


Chains and Necklaces


Now it's time to tell all of you about the quality of our chains and necklaces. Chains and Necklaces of Beyaly are prepared by good quality steel and silver and doing minor addition, show uniqueness and more beautiful. Some chains and necklaces are prepared of stainless steel and then, with the help of golden water, looks like gold chains and necklaces. We make necklaces on customer demands. some necklace pendants are designed as the customer's name. By adding different types and colors of stones, necklaces become more unique. We prepare necklaces consists of single-chain as well as the double chain. Double chain necklaces are very popular and unique on our websites. You can order your personal designed necklace by providing us your design. Single chain necklaces are also very familiar with our customers. Single chain necklaces pendants are sometimes based on the shape designs and sometimes based on the first letter of the name of the customers that we prepare as custom on our customer's demand. The pendants design that we provide to our customers of single-chain necklaces is of various shapes. Sometimes their shapes are stars, hearts, or other else. Chains of Beyaly are of four types. Stainless steel chain, gold color stainless steel chain, sterling silver chains, and gold color sterling silver chain. All these types of chains are of good quality especially gold chains that never blackened and lasts lush and shiny for a long time.


Charms and Pendants


Are you looking for charms and pendants of good quality without chains? Yes, you are on the right platform. Beyaly provides charms and pendants to its willing customers of well-known quality steel and silver. We prepare these charms and pendants on customer's demands of various sizes, shapes, and designs. These charms and pendants are circular, rectangular, oval, triangle, pentagonal, hexagonal, and geometric looks. Are you looking for a birthday gift for your wife, your fiancé, your girlfriend, or for your daughter, why are you waiting for? Just make an order to us and enjoy our services. We make charms and pendants on customer names. We also make pendants on birds look like an owl, sparrow, and eagle, etc. Pendants are also made in the shapes of animals like lions, teddy bears, etc. Shapes of flowers of different kinds are also used for making pendants. We produce rose look pendants that are very familiar to our customers. Beyaly never compromises on the quality of these pendants and charms, as they are custom or for the whole price.


Beyaly does not only create its design but also on custom. You can place an order if you want any jewelry of your style. We provide custom service for our customers. Custom jewelry is our vital role in manufacturing jewelry You can get your desired model of jewelry just by providing us a picture of it. Our Beyaly team members work hard and are very willing to prepare your models. By your model picture, our team will convert this picture into the printed form. We have well-desired painters and art master staff whose work is to obtain a well-printed form of your model image. With the help of the printed image, our team converts this image into a 3D model. Preparing custom jewelry takes a long time. It is also compulsory to keep the quality of the jewelry and to keep its uniqueness. Our team members never trade-off on the quality of the steel and silver which they use in the making of the jewelry. All the team members are eager to work and with their hardworking, they prepare well-shaped jewelry for your model. If you are going to a marriage party, birthday party, or for any other occasion and want to wear your dream jewelry, then you are on the right platform. Beyaly prepares it for you in just a short time with good quality stainless steel and sterling silver. We are a company of custom jewelry. We are the perfect quality jewelry manufacturers. Beyaly manufactures the jewelry according to your desired shape. If you want some adding of stones and different colors, Beyaly also does it for you. Beyaly offers various colors of stones, like blue stones, green stones, red stones, etc. If you want to get various shapes of pendants, rings, and necklaces, just order and in a very short period, you will get your desired model. You can order to write names on rings and necklaces or pendants as well as if you want your jewelry in an animal shape, then it can be done for you. Beyaly also provides service of wholesale. At wholesale, you can get your desire jewelry at a very low price. You can get a big deal at a minimum price from wholesale. Beyaly manufactures jewelry for Chinese people at wholesale and on custom. Wholesale from Beyali has a benefit for customers that they can get large orders from bulk at low rates from the custom. Beyaly cares for its customers, that's why we are offering customer service on custom as well as wholesale service. If you are in hurry and have not enough time to wait for custom, you just order from wholesale and get your desired jewelry in just a few minutes. We provide the fastest delivery to convey your parcels in a very short time even it is for custom or wholesale service. So, why are you waiting for? Just need to place an order and get your desire jewelry at a satisfactory price. Come on. Hurry up.


Sterling silver is a metal used on a large scale. It is an industrial metal. Sterling silver is a metal of low price and shiny material. It is a lush metal serving in the market since the 12th century. As silver is a soft compound, so other metals are added to it to increase its properties. Generally, 7.5% copper is used to add in the 92.5% silver to maintain its power. We can also add some other metals, but copper is the best choice to strengthen silver. Sterling silver is used in a wide variety for making jewelry due to its lush and shiny ability that lasts for a long time. Although silver is good metal, it also has some pros and cons. These are,




Sterling silver is a versatile metal. It is widely used in making jewelry for many functions. Stainless steel is famous due to its bending property. It can easily bend or rotate, as it is a soft material. Due to its softness, it can easily rotate with other metals to design different models. Diamonds, gold, etc are easily bent with stainless steel and then they can convert into an amazing model of jewelry. Another amazing benefit of sterling silver is that it can easily afford. Sterling silver is available at a very low price as compared to other metals. As it is versatile and affordable for any class people, therefore, it is a very demanding metal among people. One of its amazing properties is that it has a shiny appearance. Gold requires almost daily cleaning to maintain its lush appearance but stainless steel does not require daily cleaning to keep it shiny and lush. Stainless steel has another benefit that it protects the skin from allergies. It is an anti-allergy metal that suits almost all types of skin. That is why sterling silver is widely used to prepare wedding jewelry and especially for engagement rings with only the intention to keep its lush and shiny look.




Although stainless silver has many pontes, it also faces many cons that are:


As sterling silver can easily bend, this property makes the jewelry create barriers to remain the jewelry in its original position. It can easily scratch when falls to the ground. But don't need to panic. It has a solution. If we use rhodium in sterling silver then it can save it from bending as well as it can save your jewelry from scratching and ruining. Rhodium brings some minor and extra qualities the stainless steel that it becomes more lustrous and increases its durability. But always remember that always keep far your silver jewelry from bleach and form ammonia, as it discolors your jewelry and makes it fade. As silver jewelry requires more care of you than other metals, it is compulsory to keep your sterling silver jewelry separate from other jewelry. This act is due to care for its layer shiny and bright. Plus, if you keep it in a cloth or handkerchief, then it is a golden step to prevent your sterling silver jewelry from corrosion, and scratch. Always keep your silver jewelry apart from other metal jewelry for its complete care and to prevent it from fading. When you are doing the cleaning of your house, remove your jewelry for its extra care as water corrodes it and makes it fade. Sterling silver requires some special kind of care from other metals. If you feel that it is completely fade and it has no more shiny appearance, you need to clean it from your local jewelry store for gaining its lush and shiny appearance again.


Now you all have a question in which industry the sterling silver is used? Why sterling silver is more demanding metal than other metals? Why we place an order for sterling silver jewelry? All your questions have solutions which are discussed below. So, why are you waiting for? Here we go. Sterling silver is a very demanding metal due to its affordable price that can afford by anyone. It is also a very soft metal that bends and rotates easily without extra effort and can be easily converted to simple and complex designs. Sterling silver with gold water can be converted into a gold color as it seems that it is jewelry made of gold. Sterling silver is naturally a lush and shiny metal as its shiny appearance remains perfect for many years. This one is the most attractive property of sterling silver that many people want to buy their jewelry made of sterling silver. Jewelry manufacturers use this metal on a large scale as it bends very easily and gives beautiful and unique shapes to jewels. Sterling silver is used in making jewelry like necklaces and chains, bangles and bracelets, charms and pendants, cufflinks and fashion buttons, rings, and earrings. These products are also prepared on custom. Sterling silver itself is a soft metal, so, to make it a strong and competitive metal, we need to add some more powerful metals in it to make it strong and shiny for years. Copper and rhodium are the best metals for adding in sterling silver as they are also shiny metals, so, they increase the shine of sterling silver, making it more beautiful and unique. Sterling silver is widely used in making wedding and engagement jewelry due to its uniqueness and lush layer. It requires less removing and cleaning process instead of gold. All these qualities make sterling silver more effective than any other metal. We can convert sterling silver into many different colors which makes it more attractive. Imagine, if we convert the silver into a dark shiny brown color, adding two black leathery buckles on both sides of a bracelet, then how pretty will be its look. Similarly, if we pass the silver from gold water, adding a pendant with our name, then a beautiful jewelry model is obtained in our imagination. As we are providing the service of custom jewelry, many Chinese women gave us ideas of addition in sterling silver jewelry that makes it more charming and unique. Stains can easily remove from silver. This is also a fact that many companies use this metal for jewelry. Beyaly used widely sterling silver on a large scale to please its customers with unique jewelry and with a shiny appearance of it. Sterling silver is often used in diamond jewelry to make the diamond more precious and stronger. A diamond with sterling silver gives the more lush and shiny metal and then becomes a source to attracts more customers to buy it. Beyaly jewelers are the jewelry manufacturers that manufacture jewelry on a large scale with stainless steel, but our main focus is on sterling silver as it makes the jewelry more precious and appropriate for wearing for all types of skin. That's why our main goal is to prepare jewelry from sterling silver instead of stainless steel to make our products more efficient and more usable for all kinds of functions.


So, the result of this longest information is that Beyaly Jewelers provide its customer's jewelry, that is made up of stainless steel and sterling silver. Beyaly jewelry is a type of custom jewelry that is the manufacturers of good quality and unique jewels. Beyaly Jewelry is a type of jewelry manufacturers that manufactures many kinds of jewelry which includes rings, jewelry sets, chains and necklaces, bangles and bracelets, cufflinks and buttons, earrings and tops, charms and pendants. Where Beyali works for women, it prepares cufflinks and precious buttons for men also. Custom jewelry makes Beyali jewelry more popular and familiar in China. Women provide their picture designs to us and our work is to provide these women with a 3D model of their designs at a very low cost and in a very short period. This property is making Beyaly Jewelers a popular and familiar brand of jewelry in China. The jewelry of Beyaly is manufactured in a way that we do not compromise on the quality of our products and always eager to prepare them in a short period. Beyaly for his services, known as well quality jewelry manufacturers. Beyaly, with his customer service, also provides wholesale service to its customers for placing big orders. The wholesale service of Beyaly makes for its customer easier to place big and large orders in a short time with low price, affording by all customers. Beyaly jewelry provides its customers with many discounts on many special occasions and events to please its customers with its services. Beyaly jewelers are the jewelry manufacturers that manufacture jewelry of amazing steel and silver that lasts for several years. Beyaly uses copper and rhodium metals to increase the durability of sterling silver and to prevent it from corrosion and scratches even if they are fallen to the ground from an extreme height. From all of this information, Beyaly now can be chosen as a perfect jewelry manufacturer and custom jewelry that manufactures jewelry on demand and deliver it back in a very short period. So, why are you waiting for? Just place your order and get your demanding products from Beyaly with good and better quality. 

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