Cleaning and maintenance of colorful gemstone jewelry

How to make your jewelry clear and shine forever? It is important to clean and maintain them after wearing them for a period.

Colored treasure jewelry should be stored separately

Due to the different hardness of different types of colored gemstones, the friction and collision between gemstones and the inlaid metal will cause abrasion. Even gemstones of the same type may wear each other due to different hardness in different directions. Therefore, it should be avoided to randomly place several pieces of jewelry in drawers or jewelry boxes without isolation, and each piece of jewelry should be stored in a jewelry bag or box separately.

Colored treasure jewelry needs to be cleaned regularly

Colored gemstones are mostly transparent and semi-transparent gemstones, which will lose their brilliance when they are stained with oil, sweat, and dirt secreted by the human body, which will affect the beauty of the gemstones. Therefore, if you wear them frequently, you should clean them once a month. When cleaning, you can use mild soapy water and a soft brush or use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning. You can also use toothpicks to remove the dirt between the gemstones and the claws.

What needs to be reminded is that the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for all colored gemstones. Some gemstones with many cracks, such as emeralds and tourmalines, will aggravate the cracks due to frequent vibrations. Such gemstones can only be carefully cleaned with clean water.

Jewelry needs to be inspected regularly

It is best to check the jewelry that is often worn once a month to see if the gemstones are worn and whether the metal claws are loose. If abnormalities are found, stop wearing them and send them back to the jeweler for repairs. Taking a little time to check regularly will greatly reduce the chances of your treasure being damaged or lost.

Precautions for wearing jewelry

  • Avoid bumps, impacts, etc. Some gemstones are born with many cracks and inclusions, or are brittle, and will crack or crack in a certain direction when subjected to a strong impact.
  • Avoid some chemical substances such as cosmetics and detergents in daily life from entering the interior of gemstones along the surface cracks, thereby affecting its beauty.
  • Avoid changes in the properties of some oil-immersed or filled gemstones caused by special environments such as high temperature.
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