Huanglongyu is a new species of jade discovered in Longling, Yunnan in 2004. Huanglong jade is an excellent jade material that is very suitable for carving, and it is one of the three most popular excellent jades nowadays.

The price increase of yellow dragon jade has gone through three stages: the first stage is dominated by stone merchants in Yunnan and Guangxi. During this period, yellow dragon jade was traded as yellow wax stone, and the increase was not very large; the second stage was when the yellow wax stone was renamed in 2004. "Yellow Dragon Jade", jade merchants from all over the country flocked to mine, and pushed up the price of Huanglong jade raw materials; the third stage started from the second half of 2009, the Pearl River Delta, Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas flooded into the yellow dragon jade market, making the price of yellow dragon jade. Rush forward like a wild horse. Many people also became rich overnight because of Huanglongyu's surge.


The jewelry trading market in Longling County, Yunnan Province is the main origin market for Huanglong jade transactions. There are thousands of Huanglongyu dealers selling low-end Huanglongyu products and a small amount of rough rough stones here every day. Most of the dealers here have experienced 2010. The most prosperous period of Huanglongyu's skyrocketing. Today, market transactions are still booming, but prices are no longer "crazy". Liao Fengchun, a yellow dragon jade dealer from Yunnan Province, believes that the yellow dragon jade on the market has basically returned to its value.

Because the difficulty of mining Huanglongyu is getting more and more difficult, and the cost of mining is getting higher and higher, and now there are fewer and fewer people who go to Supa River to buy land or mine the seeds of Huanglongyu. The river returned to calm, and only the tents and mining equipment left on both sides recorded the madness of the year.

Although the price of Huanglongyu is rising very fast, its absolute price is far lower than the sky-high price of 20-30 million yuan per kilogram of Hetian suet white jade, a top-level jade pendant exceeding 100 million yuan, and a top-level bracelet exceeding 200 million yuan. As one of the recognized three excellent jade species, Huanglongyu's value is far from being fully reflected, and its investment and collection space is self-evident.

Huang Longyu's today may be the jade's tomorrow.

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