Hydralite, that is, soda limestone containing copper needles, was discovered and used by the indigenous Indians on the Caribbean islands very early. Now it is only produced in Dominica. The base tone is colorless, copper-bearing is blue; it is produced in the crevices of basic igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks, and often symbiosis with zeolite, mothenite, calcite, etc.v

The price of sea stone

It is impossible to say how much sea stone is a gram. Because it is priced according to quality like all gems, the price of sea stone on the market now generally ranges from tens to hundreds. Generally, the price that can still be considered must be more than 150, Taobao also has it, but it is either cheap waste goods, or selling dog meat on the sheep’s head, and tricks you into adding WeChat. Good products are not cheap. This kind of sea As long as the stone is produced in the Dominican Republic, the price is simply monopolized. Under normal circumstances, the price will not come down! ! !

The purchase of sea stone

sea stone, with ocean-like blue and blue-green and white shapes, like waves in the sea. Therefore, the bluer the color, the better, and the more it resembles the sea pattern in the sea, the higher the value. Now it is mainly curved and bead-shaped, and it has been carved into shape recently. Carving can perfect the insufficiency of gemstones, making them more perfect, more beautiful, and more valuable. The quality of the time and the symbolic meaning of the ornaments of the carved pieces have an impact on the price. Marigold is a semi-transparent to opaque gemstone. The higher its light transmittance, the higher its value.

The care of sea stone

It is impossible to keep the sea stone in the water consistently. It is mentioned above that the sea stone will have a bad effect after being immersed in water for a long time. For preservation, if it is preservation, you can put cotton balls and lari dipped in water in a sealed bag to prevent dehydration; if the color of Larimar is found to be light, you can soak it in water properly.

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