I don't like gold jewelry after wearing it for a long time. How to deal with it better?

Gold jewelry is expensive, gorgeous and valuable. It has always been loved by Chinese people, and it is normal for everyone to have a few pieces. However, no matter how beautiful gold jewelry is worn for a long time, it will inevitably become deformed, scratched, etc., and you will no longer like it. It is human nature to like the new and dislike the old, and it is normal. How should we deal with old gold jewelry at this time? Cleaning and refurbishing, trading in old items for new items, redeeming them for gold, and selling them for other jewelry are all good options. Let’s take a look at the advantages of each.

Gold jewelry cleaning and refurbishment: Gold jewelry has stable chemical properties. Generally, gold will not change color. However, due to long-term wear, sweat produced by the human body and chemicals in cosmetics may occasionally cause chemical reactions to cause damage to the jewelry after long-term contact with the gold jewelry. White spots, red spots, etc. appear, making gold jewelry lose its luster. At this time, it is recommended to get it to a professional jewelry store for cleaning and refurbishment. The weight of the gold jewelry will basically not change.

When cleaning jewelry in a jewelry store, generally put warm water and detergent in an ultrasonic cleaning machine to vibrate and clean. After cleaning, a professional master will burn it with fire and then polish it with an agate pen. It is not recommended to clean it at home. It is very simple to clean it in a professional and regular jewelry store. There is no need to do it at home. Trade-in gold jewelry for new ones: This is one of the ways to deal with it if you don’t like the jewelry. After wearing a piece of gold jewelry for a long time, the style does not look good. Now there are more beautiful gold jewelry. No one has unlimited money to buy new gold jewelry all the time. At this time, exchanging old jewelry for new jewelry is a good choice.

Do I lose money by trading in gold jewelry? how to say? Loss is certain, merchants also need to make money when exchanging old items for new ones, and it is normal to charge depreciation fees and processing fees for new jewelry. The suggestion is to understand the merchant's exchange rules clearly, and try to exchange for gold jewelry of the same gram, rather than exchanging 30 grams for 18 grams at the fixed price and paying extra. Of course, the lower the depreciation fee, the better, and it would be better if the labor cost of new jewelry can be discounted. There are many problems here, and many friends have suffered losses. I will write a special article about the precautions for exchanging old gold jewelry for new ones to explain separately.

Selling old gold jewelry: According to the current gold recycling price, it is unwise to sell gold jewelry now, because the current gold price is at the lowest price period in more than half a year. The current recycling price is about 380 yuan per gram, which is far lower than 8 The monthly price is over 430 per gram. Of course, if a few grams of gold jewelry doesn’t cost much, you can sell it if you want. Generally, jewelry repair shops will recycle gold jewelry, and the recycling prices are not uniform. There are highs and lows. Before selling, be optimistic about the gold price, weigh it, and then sell it.

Are there other ways to treat gold jewelry? Of course, give it away. I think most people don’t mind receiving gold jewelry as gifts as long as the gram size is right, right?

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