India Star

"India Star" is the second largest star sapphire in the world, ranking first is "Adam's Star". It is larger than a golf ball, weighing 563.35 carats and measuring 6.35 centimeters in diameter. Its six-ray starlight is perfect and has very few flaws. Although the color is not bright enough, it is still a rare treasure.

Introduction to Star of India

The Star of India was mined in Ceylon 300 years ago. At the end of the 19th century, American financier J.P. Morgan spent US$200,000 to buy a batch of gems from private collectors and exhibited them at the conference. The "Star of India" was one of them. Morgan donated all the gems to the museum in 1901. Once the main body was expanded into a mineral and gem showroom, inside the showroom. Comparing with the "Star of India" are the 116.75-carat "Midnight Star" sapphire mined from the Island of Ceylon, which emits an unusually rich purple light, and the 100.32-carat ruby from Myanmar.


The star of india is lost

On October 28, 1964, the Star of India was stolen from the American Museum of Natural History, shocking the world. The reason for the theft was that the alarm system and the guards in the Gem Hall were abolished to save money, and because the insurance of the Star of India was expensive, the Natural History Museum did not even purchase insurance for it. Fortunately, it was recovered a few months later and returned to its original owner.

Analysis of Star of India

    The star sapphire to which the Star of India belongs can also be called star sapphire, which is mostly opaque to translucent. The slender needle-shaped rutile crystals in the gem are also called silk inclusions, which produce six-ray starlight, which is very pleasing to the eye. Star Sapphire is also known as the "Stone of Destiny". The three light bands forming the star represent loyalty, hope and fraternity respectively. The most dazzling and special thing about the Star of India is its starlight. The faint starlight reflects the brilliance of loyalty, expectation and fraternity.

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