Knowledge of spinel

   Spinel is a group of minerals formed in nature when molten magma intrudes into impure limestone or dolomite through contact metamorphism. Some appear in aluminum-rich basic magmatic rocks. Gem-grade spinel mainly refers to magnesia-aluminum spinel, which is a kind of magnesium-aluminum oxide. The crystal morphology is octahedron and the aggregation of octahedron and rhombohedral dodecahedron.


Since the 21st century, spinel has gradually become popular in the international colored gemstone market. On the one hand, due to the decline in the production of high-quality rubies, on the other hand, the synthetic treatment technology of colored gemstones continues to improve. Some products are flooding the market with shoddy products, which affects consumer confidence to a certain extent. Spinel will be accepted and recognized by more and more people due to its natural properties, colorful color charm, good transparency and perfect refraction.

Calculating the past five years, the price has risen several times. The price of spinel depends on the size and color of the gemstone. One carat can be worth hundreds of dollars or more, and the price of high-quality spinel weighing more than 15 carats can be as high as tens of thousands of dollars per carat. A spinel weighing 2 carats can be sold for thousands of dollars per carat.

The price of spinel depends on the quality, and the unit price ranges from several hundred to several thousand. The origins of Myanmar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, etc. will also affect the price. The quality is consistent with the general standards of gems. The brighter the color, the better, the higher the saturation, the better, the heavier the weight, the cleaner the better, the more perfect the cut, the better. The color difference is first-class, and the price difference is ten times.

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