Red Coral

Corals are bright and beautiful in color and resemble branches. They can be used as decorations and have high medicinal value. Coral jewelry is very popular, and the price of coral is also a concern of many consumers.

In the past two years, coral has become one of the most rapidly appreciated collections this year. The price of top red coral has even doubled in a year. The price of a red coral ring last year was 2,000 yuan, but it rose to 2,000 yuan this year. 6000 yuan. The price of top red coral has risen from RMB 6,000 to RMB 8,000 per gram last year to the current price of RMB 18,000 to RMB 20,000.

The price of red coral

What are the factors that determine the ups and downs of red coral jewelry prices, and how to judge the price and the collection prospects?

Red coral texture. The decisive factor in the price of red coral is quality. Red coral is a semi-precious stone. In addition to its low hardness, its value is much lower than that of precious stones such as rubies and sapphires. Even compared to semi-precious stones such as tanzanite and aquamarine, it is not as good. This determines the approximate price of red coral. For the same red corals, the price of corals such as Akka, Momo, and Sardin is much higher than other coral materials, because these coral materials are excellent in both texture and color. The criteria for evaluating its value include those with pure texture, less flaws such as cracks and impurities, the higher the price; the greater the value of the same quality, the higher the value; the redder and the more uniform the color, the higher the value.

Market supply and demand relationship. As the saying goes, things are precious. The price of red coral jewelry is also subject to this law. The reason why the price of red coral has soared in recent years is that its supply has been reduced, and the supply is in short supply, which is far from meeting the needs of the market. On the one hand, the decrease in supply is due to the reduction of coral production due to pollution and other reasons. On the other hand, people are gradually increasing their awareness of coral protection, adopting various measures to restrict red coral mining and sales, and people's actions to protect the ecological environment further aggravate their price increases.

 market expectation. As jewelry and collectibles, consumer preferences and confidence in their future also affect prices. For example, if people are optimistic about the prospects of red coral appreciation, they will buy in large quantities and push their prices up. On the contrary, if it is not optimistic, its price will naturally be unable to support the high movement.

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