Simple method of distinguishing natural crystal and artificial crystal

Immaculate natural crystal products have always been a treasure that many people dream of, but imitations often use this psychology to make "fake products", making consumers hard to distinguish between true and false. Starting from the unique characteristics of natural crystals, several methods are recommended to the majority of crystal fans for reference.

Look at the contents. When choosing white crystals, the surface luster of natural crystals is mostly "light blue" and contains "inclusions". Some are bright chips that can clean the body's sickness, and some are like clouds and mists, like mountains and rivers, because of their natural nature. Formation, random form, dynamic, strange and beautiful. The artificial crystal looks very pale and clear on the outside, and some contain regular oval flocs, which are the formation layers of the artificial crystal. Synthetic crystals are mostly made of beads or plane processing, such as pen-shaped pendants, ultrasonic inscribed Buddha pendants and so on. "Crystal glass" and "melted crystals are completely free of any inclusions."

Natural crystal has birefringence. Under the polarized lens, every 90° of natural crystal will show the change of light and darkness, and the light from the bottom can show through. The synthetic crystal dimmed, and the light underneath couldn't come through. Crystal glass and smelted crystal are even more bleak.

Natural crystals are usually heavier. Natural crystals of the same size are heavier than artificial crystals.

Generally, a natural crystal ball over 50mm uses the "birefringence" feature to press the ball on a line, and a "double shadow" will definitely appear, while the artificial crystal ball is "single refraction", so it can be clearly seen The line under the ball. The second is to hold it with your hand and look at your fingerprints through the sphere. If you can clearly see the fingerprints, it is an artificial crystal ball. If it looks a little fuzzy, and there is a "double shadow" on the edge of your finger, it is a natural crystal ball. The bigger the sphere, the easier it is to distinguish.

In short, choosing real natural crystals is not necessarily pure and flawless. You can choose those crystals that seem bright and connotative according to your own economic situation, and these crystals are more powerful, such as rainbow crystals (containing a lot of Bright crystals, which can reflect colorful light under the light), as well as pyramid crystals (there are pyramid-like misty filaments in the crystal, layered on top of each other), water bile crystals, hair crystals, and green ghost crystals etc.

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