Sotheby's will auction rare blue diamonds worth more than 70 million dollars in the spring of 2023

Sotheby's will auction a set of eight rare blue diamonds worth more than 70 million dollars at the magnificent jewelry auction in New York, Hong Kong and Geneva in 2022 and 2023. De Beers' diamond collection is one of the most valuable auctions ever.

The United Press International UPI reported that De Beers and Diacore bought these diamonds from the Kurinam mine in South Africa in 2020. The mine is the origin of a 15.10 carat colorful blue diamond, which was sold at a price of 57.5 million dollars in April this year.

"After two years of careful improvement of these diamonds, we are very proud and excited to display the amazing De Beers excellent series, and once again work with De Beers to create some of the world's rarest diamonds and bring them to the market," said Diacore, President Neil Livnat.

The first auction will be held in Geneva on November 9, and a further auction will be held in New York later this year, followed by Hong Kong in the spring of 2023.

"After we sold De Beers Blue for $57.5 million, setting a new benchmark for one of the highest prices in the auction, we are honored to entrust this beautiful collection of Blue Diamond Fancy Blue Diamonds." Quig Bruning, head of Sotheby's Jewelry America, said.

Four of the eight blue diamonds were rated "Brilliant" by the American Gemological Institute, which is the highest color rating for color diamonds.

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