Topaz and its features

Tophalite refers to the mineral topaz (also called topaz) in Chinese geology. If the mineral name topaz or topaz is used as the gem name. The former has the same name as the yellow variety Topaz in nephrite. The latter has the same name as the yellow variety Topaz in the crystal. It will cause confusion of different objects with the same name. therefore. The gem industry in my country uses Topaz's transliteration Topaz as its name, which specifically refers to those gem-grade topaz mineral crystals.


The crystals are transparent and flawless, the glass is shiny, and a group of cleavage is complete. Hardness 8. The relative density is large. It sinks in the diiodomethane solution and has thermoelectric properties. After tumbling, it can attract light substances such as paper. Baoxiang body characteristics.

 Topaz Price Evaluation

The price of Topaz mainly depends on its beauty, clarity, processing quality and weight. Judging from the color. The crimson topaz is the most valuable. The high-quality ones are expensive. Followed by pink, blue and yellow. Colorless topaz has the lowest value.

Topaz often contains gas-liquid inclusions and fissures, and those containing inclusions and fissures will affect its price.

 High-quality topaz should have obvious glass luster. If the luster is dim due to improper processing, it will affect the value of the gem.

Although topaz is a mid-range gemstone or heavyweight, it is more common, and like other gemstones, the larger the gem, the more precious it is.

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