What is Bright amber

Bright amber is a kind of amber with extreme performance. Its requirements are very high. Generally, amber cannot meet such conditions. What kind of amber can be called Bright amber? First of all, the color of amber should not be strong and bright, but a light and elegant color. The lighter the color, the higher the quality. The superior Ming Amber has the ultimate elegant color. Secondly, the transparency of the amber should be very good, and there should be no impurities or few impurities in the interior. The high-quality Bright amber looks almost unobstructed by the line of sight and is very clear. Only amber that meets these two requirements can be called Bright amber. The color of Minpo is generally light red or light yellow. Wearing Bright amber jewelry can bring a sense of coolness and is suitable for summer wear.


The price of Bright amber

Bright amber price

In the collection market, from the point of view of the speed of price increase, in the past three years, the price of amber in the middle and low-end jewelry has risen the fastest. Today, amber has moved from a small category to the front of the market. For three consecutive years, the price of amber has increased by 10 times. In the fourth quarter of 2013 alone, the price of amber increased by 30%. For high-grade raw materials with better quality, the price increase has reached 4-5 times.

Ambers from different origins vary greatly in color and texture. According to Li Jianjun, most of the products in the market are Baltic amber. Because the color of Baltic amber is elegant and beautiful, and the domestic processing technology is gradually mature, the market has generally accepted this variety. In addition, there are Burmese blood amber, Dominican amber, Mexican amber, and Fushun amber.

More is not necessarily good. Currently recognized as the best and most expensive is the Dominican Blue Amber. Because of its small output, it is expensive. It is said that the good amber produced in a year is less than 50 kilograms, and the best blue amber that can reach the collection level is even rarer. .

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