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Custom Jewelry Buying Guide

Custom jewelry is becoming more popular. Most men and women buying jewelry are buying custom-made rather than the ready-made bangles, necklaces available.


While buying custom jewelry, it is essential to follow a few tips to choose the right pieces to buy and select the right manufacturer. Wondering what things to consider?


We will today share with you a few pointers which will help you easily by custom jewelry.



1. Choose the manufacturer wisely:

The manufacturer of custom jewelry you choose will play a crucial role in the quality of the custom jewelry and the options you have. Also, there are many fly-by-night manufacturers as well. If you go with any of them, you cannot be certain about the quality of custom jewelry.


You have to go with a credible manufacturer like While judging the custom jewelry manufacturers, you have to do so on a handful of parameters that we will highlight below.


· Experience:

We at have years of experience when it comes to manufacturing custom jewelry. Rather than going with the vendor that has been around for just a few months, you have to go with the most experienced vendor available.


When you do so, the custom jewelry vendor will provide you with a seamless experience, and you will be able to get your jewelry made in no time.


If you go with the new vendor, there is always the risk that the jewelry might not be as pure as claimed or the manufacturer and might not be able to deliver at all.



· Past Creations:

While going through the websites of custom jewelry vendors, it is necessary to always look at their past creations. Most of the jewelry manufacturers have a portfolio. On the portfolio page, you can easily go through their past creations.


Only when you like the past creations can you go ahead and order jewelry from them.


The past creations can let you know whether the design or the craftsmanship which they have is actually up to the mark or not.


The more jewelry pieces they have created in the past, the better it is. That is why choosing them based on their past creations is also very important.


· Communication:

Of course, while ordering custom-made jewelry, you will be contacting the manufacturer numerous times. If the manufacturer's communication is not up to the mark, you will have to wait for days to get a reply. Not only that, missed emails can lead to no reply at all. This can be a very frustrating situation.


To avoid this, you have to test the communication skills of the custom jewelry manufacturer in advance. Only when they are prompt in replying and can resolve your queries can you choose that manufacturer over others.


We at, always ensure that our executives get back to you as soon as possible. Not only that, we are prompt in our communication, which means that whatever queries you have, they will get resolved in no time.


With us, you will have no communication issues.


· Jewelry options:

While choosing custom jewelry manufacturers, it is essential to choose one that offers you different ornaments.


For example, the manufacturer should offer you custom-made rings, custom-made bracelets, custom-made bangles, chains, necklaces, earrings, and so on. Only when the manufacturer offers you the entire spectrum of ornaments you can be sure that whichever type of ornament you need, the manufacturer can offer you that. That way, you won't have to deal with numerous manufacturers or search for a new manufacturer again and again.


Once again, excels in this department as well.


Thus, when you're looking to get custom jewelry made, you have to judge the manufacturer on these few things.


2. Go through the jewelry designs:

Most custom jewelry manufacturers allow you to submit your design. They can create the ornaments according to that design. However, not always will the customer have their design. Many times, customers look for the basic template provided by the jewelry manufacturers.


That is why, while choosing the jewelry manufacturer, you have to look at the design templates which they have on offer. If you find any of them suitable, you can certainly go ahead with that jewelry manufacturer.


If the design templates are not up to the mark, you must search for another jewelry manufacturer. You have to also contact the jewelry manufacturer to inquire about any of the new designs that the designers have manufactured in the recent past.


Once you do so, it is easy to understand whether the manufacturer is worth ordering from or not.


3. Decide your budget:

Not every jewelry manufacturer can work on every budget. Many jewelry manufacturers just cater to high-budget clients. Some others provide entry-level custom jewelry as well.


Before you enquire about the same from the manufacturer, you have to decide on your budget.


There are a few tips which you can follow to decide the budget. These include:


· You have to look at the metal you need in your jewelry. Depending on whether you're looking for gold, silver, or any other metal, the cost of the jewelry can change. That is why; you have to first and foremost look at the metal and after that determine the cost.

· After that, you have to determine which style of jewelry you're looking at. You might be looking for something subtle, heavy, or semi-formal. The style will also determine how much metal will be used and, therefore,, the jewelry's cost.

· If you want to include stones in the jewelry, the cost will, of course, increase. If you simply need something like sterling silver jewelry, the cost is comparatively lower.


Before you start searching for a sterling silver jewelry manufacturer, it is time to understand what is exactly your requirement and your budget. This will help you in buying custom jewelry easily.


4. Consider the timeline:

There is no point in ordering custom jewelry and then waiting for 8 to 10 weeks to get it delivered. By that time, the event for which you are buying the custom jewelry might already be over. If you want to gift it to someone, the location might be well past due.


While enquiring from the custom jewelry manufacturers, you have to always inquire regarding the turnaround time. The turnaround time will be dependent on their manufacturing capability as well as the current orders.


Rather than inquiring about the generic turnaround time, you have to shortlist the design and inquire about the turnaround time regarding the specific designs. Once you do so, it becomes effortless for you to know when you will get your jewelry. You have to let them know your city so that they can include the shipping time as well.


Only when you're okay with the turnaround time can you go ahead and order custom jewelry from the manufacturer.


5. Check delivery options:

Many jewelry manufacturers offer various delivery options as well. This is especially true if the physical location of the manufacturer is far away from yours.


The general rule of thumb is that the faster you need the delivery, the more you will have to pay. However, instead of leaving that to chance, you have to enquire from the manufacturer regarding the delivery options.


Only if you're okay with the delivery options and the fees which they are charging you for the delivery can you go ahead and choose that custom jewelry manufacturer. Otherwise, you have to look for one which offers you more convenient delivery options.


At, we believe in providing multiple delivery options to our customers. It means that whether you need the delivery at usual speed or you need the delivery in just 2 to 3 days, we have all the options available for you.


6. Go through the reviews of the manufacturer:

Lastly, you have to go through the reviews of the manufacturer as well before choosing one. The reviews will let you know about the experiences of other customers with the manufacturers. That is why, once you go through the reviews, you will know right away whether the manufacturer is easy to work with or not.


You have to consider that you might order custom jewelry from the manufacturer in the future as well. You can only do so if the manufacturer provides you with a seamless experience.


Going through the manufacturer's reviews will ensure that you can easily filter out the manufacturers that are not up to the mark or who do not follow the industry practices. This can make your life easier when you're ordering custom-made jewelry.


When you compare custom jewelry manufacturers on these handful of parameters, choosing the right one becomes easy. No longer, ordering custom jewelry will seem like a confusing experience. In fact, you will enjoy the entire experience and also get your hands on some exclusive jewelry that can enhance your personality.


We would like to inform you that, at, we excel in all of these departments and more. With our years of experience, stellar reviews, and wide range of offerings, whenever you're looking to buy custom jewelry, do get in touch with us to get the best offers and the most exclusive designs you will find globally. Contact us today by clicking here!

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