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Have a sense of ritual, let love shine and be romantic

  The sense of ritual is the most direct way for people to express their inner feelings, and the sense of ritual is everywhere. For example, National Day, we know that this is a holiday, but these days are approaching day by day, do we have more expectations in our hearts?


       There is a sentence in the movie "The Little Prince". The little fox said to the little prince: "If you say you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, from three o'clock, I start to feel happy. The closer the time, the more I will come. The happier I feel. At four o’clock, I will be fidgeting and I find the value of happiness, but if you come anytime, I don’t know when I will be ready to welcome you. There must be a certain amount of mood. ceremony."


   The sense of ritual that the little fox said is that there is a clear timeline. The meeting with the little prince made him feel very happy because of the ritual, which made him discover the value of happiness. In fact, our lives are the same.


   It is precisely because you have some sense of ritual in your life that we have become expectant of life. There are many ways to feel ritual, such as eating a good meal on the anniversary, creating a romantic date on Valentine's Day, and creating some small surprises on birthdays.


   On an important day, I made a lifetime commitment to each other. From then on, time witnessed and merged into each other’s lives, "You are the only one for me."


   At a wedding, we express our love through a sense of ritual, and we confirm that we are loved by the other party through a sense of ritual. At the wedding, she wears a beyaly customized diamond ring dedicated to the love of her life, and signs a "Lifetime Letter" with the lover. This romantic and brave agreement is the greatest sense of ceremony in love.


   My sense of ritual with you is actually, "Let the time flow in a hurry, I only care about you."

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