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Hibiscus stone

        Hibiscus stone can be called red crystal, rose crystal, rose quartz. Hibiscus stone is better in color, the darker the peach, the better, such as the pale peach that is close to white, the value is very low. Pink crystal is also a kind of hibiscus stone. Hibiscus stone | pink crystal jewelry can be comparable to pink diamonds if the color is good, how to choose hibiscus stone | pink crystal?


   The quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal jewelry. The crystal must be polished by emery in the process of processing. Rough production will cause friction marks on the surface of the crystal. A good hibiscus stone|pink crystal jewelry has better natural transparency and luster.


        A well-made pink crystal jewelry should be exquisite and exquisite, not only can fully show the external beauty (shape, style, symmetry, etc.) of the hibiscus stone | color).


   Hibiscus stone jewelry must choose a pink crystal with a little transparency, with a round crystal texture and delicate color as the judgment value standard. A good hibiscus stone does not have any white stone texture, its color is delicate, bright and flexible, and the surface of the crystal will have a luminous and moist texture like full of water or even grease.

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