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How to Maintain Jewelry in Winter?

As time goes by, the winter is coming. Some people who love wearing jewelries may worry about how to maintain them in winter. Now, let Beyaly jewelry manufacturers tell you some tips to protect your jewelries in winter.


What do you need to pay attention to most for gem jewelry in winter?


The most important thing for gem jewelry in winter is the metal inlay. Although gems are not so prone to thermal expansion and contraction in cold weather, the metal base part of the inlay may be affected by thermal expansion and contraction, and some accidental hooks may cause the inlay to loosen during the year of wearing. The class is especially worthy of attention. Therefore, it is best to take care of the door professionally before and after the winter, otherwise it will be too late to regret if the gem is lost!

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Is it best not to wear jewelry in winter?


It is inevitable that people wear a lot of thick and thick in order to keep warm in winter, but as long as they are matched with suitable custom jewelry, they can instantly enhance their taste and temperament. It can be said that jewelry is our indispensable friend throughout the year.


But also pay attention, winter sweaters are easy to hook and scratch with jewelry, so when wearing it, try to match jewelry and clothes peacefully to avoid unnecessary losses such as loose jewelry inlays or damage to clothing caused by frequent scratches!


What should I pay attention to when storing jewelry not worn in winter?


Some female friends collect a lot of jewelry, but some are not suitable for winter wear. What should I pay attention to when storing those custom jewelry? First try to put in a special jewelry bag or jewelry box, and put it in a place where the temperature and humidity are suitable.


Many people feel that their jewelry is too expensive and will be put in a safe, or even in a safe in a bank. Not all bank safes are suitable for jewelry storage. Jewelry manufacturers suggest that if you have really expensive jewelry, you should communicate with the bank what it is and what temperature and humidity should be stored. If it is a safe at home, you should take it out regularly to ensure that there is no moisture.

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Do you need regular hydration for jewelry in dry weather in winter?


Jewelry manufacturers think that all things cannot be generalized. Many people mistakenly think that the hydrated-looking jade, as well as the organic gemstones from the water, such as pearl coral clams, usually need to be hydrated. This idea is wrong.


It is possible to wipe jade with water, but organic gems are not suitable for rinsing and wiping with tap water directly, because organic gems are soft, and chemicals such as bleach in tap water can easily corrode the surface of gems, so you should often go to the jewelry store for professional maintenance, let your custom jewelry have a healthy winter!


Keep jewelry away from cosmetics?


Generally, autumn and winter are relatively dry, so many girls will habitually rub various creams on their faces, of course, there are some skin care products, cosmetics and perfumes.


In fact, these chemical substances will threaten your custom jewelry, so it is best not to wear jewelry when applying these items. The correct way is to wear the rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings you wear. Wait until all the accessories are removed and put away.


Keep jewelry away from high temperature environment!


Although hot springs and hot pots can always bring warmth in the severe cold and cold in winter, "sentimental" jewelry does not like high temperatures. For example, emeralds tend to burst when exposed to high temperatures, and will fade when exposed to fire; amethyst and topaz are in the color will become lighter under high temperature or long-term exposure.


Therefore, jewelry manufacturers told you that when we enter and exit the high temperature environment in winter, we must remove our jewelry in advance and keep it properly.



The correct methods to maintain jewelry in winter


First, do the 6 details mentioned above, and then before and after the beginning of winter and the winter solstice solar terms, go to do a professional maintenance and comprehensive cleaning of the custom jewelry. By the way, talk to the experts, what are the precautions in winter, and deepen your impression. The jewelry is perfect for winter.


Jewelry also needs rest


Finally, jewelry manufacturers told you that jewelry also needs to rest. Jewelry should be taken off in due course and should not be kept with you. Especially during exercise and housework, avoid collision and oil pollution. In addition, when jewelry is not worn, it must be "separately" and not mixed together in disorder to avoid damage caused by collision and friction between gems.


After watching so many friends, I might be worried that the jewellery is so fragile, so I dare not wear it again! In fact, there is no need to worry at all. Because of the high value of jewelry, we will inevitably have to be pampered. Under normal circumstances, the precious metals used for inlay have high hardness and will not easily appear loose.


But treating jewelry with caution is like treating our beautiful faces. No amount of caution is unnecessary. It is still necessary to guard against dysfunction. In the previous section, I talked about various attention to details. Below, I will explain in detail how to maintain and pay attention to the different types of gems and jade.

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Jade is afraid of drying, pay attention to hydrating.

In the jade family, jade is the most afraid of winter. Just like our skin, jade can only keep moisturizing.


But in winter, the weather is very dry and cold. Letting them stay in such a dry environment for a long time will not only become drier and dry, but also affect their appearance. In severe cases, it may even affect its quality (for example, jade will lose water), which directly affects its value!


Solution: For this type of jade, the secret of maintenance is one word: "bubble"! Prepare a glass of water and throw the jade in it regularly. This not only allows them to drink full water, maintain their watery state, but also play a clean role, which is simple and practical.


Beeswax pearls are afraid of temperature differences.

The physical properties have "thermal expansion and contraction", which is very serious for jewelry. Hot and cold, it is easy to cause damage to the interior of the jewelry, and it will be directly scrapped!


In addition to beeswax, organic gems such as pearls and corals are also very afraid of too much temperature difference. They also need to pay attention to them in cold weather.


Solution: Wear them personally. In winter, when entering and leaving heating rooms and hot springs, it is best to wear them personally, or simply take them off in advance.


Prong-set jewelry is easy to loosen.

Nowadays, most exquisite jewels choose to be inlaid. If you wear inlaid jade or gemstones, you must pay special attention.


Because of the cold weather, all kinds of plush and woolen clothes are worn very frequently, and these clothes are easy to have thin woolen threads wrapped around the inlaid base.


Once the force is applied, the claws will become loose, and the jewelry inlaid on it will also risk falling off. This loss can be too great!


Solution: Check regularly. Before each wearing, it is best to take a few tens of seconds to check whether there are signs of loosening in the inlaid place. If there is, it must be sent for repair in time.

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Jewelry necklace easy hanging sweater.

For necklaces, winter is the hardest hit area, especially when wearing turtleneck sweaters, scarves or scarves.


If you don't pay attention, the necklace will be indistinguishable from them. It takes a long time to separate them, and sometimes even the necklace will be broken!


Solution: Adjust the order. Facing this situation, it is recommended to adjust the order of wearing the necklace. After wearing the sweater and silk scarf, choose to wear the necklace; when taking it, try to remove the necklace first, and then take off the silk scarf. Take off the sweater to avoid damage to the necklace to the greatest extent.


The above is that Beyaly jewelry manufacturers shared with you the different types of gems and jade, maintenance and precautions, and hope is useful for you. Beyaly Jewelry Co., Ltd., the wholesale jewelry suppliers, is located in Shenzhen, China, with over 10 years history. It has accumulated a strong customer base in Europe and America. With creative and experienced designer team as well as the most advanced waxing machine, we can provide meticulous and differentiated personalized customization services. Welcome to contact us and get quotes!

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