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Shenzhen jewelry industry enters a new fashion track

On March 9, the Shenzhen General Office issued the "Shenzhen Fashion Industry High-Quality Development Action Plan (2020-2024" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"), which clearly pointed out that industrial gathering areas such as gold jewelry and arts and crafts should be promoted Regional brand building; solidly promote the construction of industrial gathering areas such as gold jewelry and arts and crafts, and support major events with international influence, such as the gold jewelry industry, by not exceeding 50% of the actual investment; and support the holding of Shenzhen "Craft Star", Jewelry international design and other skills competition activities.

"By 2022, the reputation and influence of Shenzhen's fashion industry will be domestically leading and well-known in Asia; by 2024, Shenzhen will initially establish itself as a Shenzhen international regional fashion product manufacturing and consumption gathering area, and will initially establish itself as a leading and well-known global cutting-edge The capital of the fashion industry. "Proposed in the" Action Plan ".

The "Action Plan" focuses on the problems of restricting the high-quality development of the fashion industry, such as large and weak industrial scale, many brands but low visibility, and clearly follows the four basics of innovation collaboration, product fashion, brand internationalization, and industrial agglomeration. In principle, it will strengthen the top-level design, optimize the ecological environment for industrial development, focus on creating a number of high-end fashion consumer blocks and fashionable towns, and enhance the radiant driving force of industrial gathering.

In terms of specific projects, the "Action Plan" proposes to implement 18 specific tasks of the seven major projects to comprehensively promote the development of the fashion industry. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of specific work, the "Action Plan" specifies four safeguards such as strengthening organization and coordination, implementing financial funds and financial policy support, improving and perfecting the statistical investigation system of the fashion industry, and cultivating fashion consumption concepts.

According to the statistics of the "Shenzhen Jewelry Industry Status Analysis Report 2018", Shenzhen jewelry companies currently cover design and R & D, manufacturing, display trading, brand promotion, inspection and testing, etc. There are about 30 jewelry trading centers and wholesale markets, and the industry team exceeds 250,000 people, the industry's manufacturing and processing value is about 150 billion yuan, and the wholesale and retail trade is about 45 billion yuan. The gold jewellery industry has become a model of Shenzhen's traditional advantages and a new and fashionable cultural and creative industry. It is a characteristic industry in Luohu District and a pillar industry in Yantian District.

However, as people's consumption habits and consumption structure change, an upsurge triggered by consumption and forcing companies to innovate and develop will sweep the industry. Due to the weak domestic gold consumption, especially with the rising price of gold in the second half of 2019, the consumption of gold jewelry has dropped significantly. According to the latest statistics from the China Gold Association, in 2019, the actual national gold consumption was 1002.78 tons, of which 676.23 tons of gold jewelry, a year-on-year decrease of 8.16%.

Some industry experts pointed out that in 2020, the Shenzhen jewellery industry will enter the deep-water zone of transformation and upgrading. Facing the complicated market environment, the industry can only seize the favorable opportunity for the development of the fashion industry and cultural and creative industries, work together to increase momentum, and further tap the market potential In order to jointly build core competitiveness and promote quality development.

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