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Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer-Beyaly Jewelry

Beyaly provides unique, exceptionally crafted sterling silver jewelry and stainless steel jewelry. Beyaly designs rings, jewelry sets, bangles and bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, chains and necklaces, charms and pendants. The Beyaly Jewelry Company is located in Shenzhen, China. As one of the first Chinese suppliers to start creating custom sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry, Beyaly can be counted upon to provide a one of a kind experience that allows the customers the ability to have a hand in designing his/her dream jewelry. Beyaly employs a talented, experienced group of designers that can bring your designs to life using 3D design software. Even complex designs such as realistic figures of characters or animals, can be created as well. A customer is only limited by his or her own imagination.


Beyaly is a Stainless Steel Jewelry wholesale company that has amassed a strong buyer base in Europe and America. As one of the first companies to be able to provide custom designs, Beyaly has proudly provided custom and personalized services for ten years now. Beyaly is known for their quality sterling silver Jewelry and stainless steel jewelry, along with their one of a kind design. Beyaly is committed to their customers, and strives to provide very competitive prices. As a Stainless Steel Jewelry wholesale company, Beyaly can offer higher quality products at lower prices, than a standard jewelry shop. Beyaly also offers custom made designs, with shorter wait times on the return of the design. Beyaly also prides itself on their jewelry design and creation process to present to customers quality service. Beyaly's website, not only provides customers with a look at all the beautifully crafted sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry Beyaly offers, but even has a helpful blog with tips on jewelry maintenance during winter, and helpful articles about how to choose a gift. Customers can also see a short video about how the sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry is created by Beyaly's highly skilled designers. You can follow Beyaly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The website also provides the contact information for customers interested in creating their own sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry designs. For more information you can call the telephone number 86-755-86240200 or e-mail A sales representative will be happy to help you create or purchase sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry you will be proud to show off to your friends and family.  


Not only does Beyaly create gorgeous custom sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry, but it also offers brilliant designs of its own creation as well. You can choose a piece of sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry that has already been designed, and purchase the piece as is. Or, if you choose, you can customize the design, changing small features to give the piece of sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry some of your own flair. Beyaly offers four different rings types with several stunning designs to choose from. The first ring type offered is called a Crown ring. These are rings that look like small crowns on your finger, and add a little color and sparkle to your hand.  Common rings are the second ring type offered, and consist of more traditional rings. There are various types of bands, gems, and shapes to choose from when picking out the perfect ring. The third option is championship rings. These rings are for those that excel in sports or events and want to show off their talent and skills. The last ring type offered is a graduation ring. Graduations rings are great mementos that allow the wearer to remember and celebrate his/her time in high school or college. Beyaly offers several jewelry sets that include matching ring, necklace, and earrings.  Beyaly also has some lovely designs for bangles and bracelets that will be a lovely addition to anyone's wrist.  For work or an evening out, Beyaly has created elegant cufflinks to keep men and women looking stylish in their suits. Beyaly has varied designs for earrings that would appeal to anyone. They offer studs, dangling earrings, hoops, and hooks. All colors and designs are beautifully designed to catch the eye. Beyaly's collection also includes several lovely necklaces that are sure to go well with any outfit, along with charms and pendants that can be added or swapped between necklaces and charm bracelets to create the perfect look. All of the sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry Beyaly offers is lovely and can be customized to the customer's exact specifications.            


Beyaly is truly a unique Stainless Steel Jewelry wholesale store. Not only do they sell beautifully hand crafted sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry, and offer a wide range of different types of stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, silver and gold inlays, and diamond inlays to choose from, but they also allow the buyer to create custom jewelry. Custom jewelry is a special and unique option that allows the buyer to make a piece of jewelry truly his/her own. The customer has full control to be creative and make something completely new from scratch, not just tweak a design that already exists. The difference between custom and customizable jewelry is the amount of control a customer is given in the creation of a piece of jewelry. Customization allows small details to be changed in a premade design. For example, choice of metal type, changing a stone color, or adding an inscription to an already designed piece of jewelry. Tons of jewelry stores have jewelry that is customizable, but very few stores offer custom jewelry, like Beyaly's jewelry does. Beyaly's jewelry is fully custom, so that a customer can design the whole piece of jewelry from scratch, and be free to design what they want the piece of jewelry to look like. This process allows the customer to create unique pieces of jewelry no one else has, like an engagement ring specially made for the customer's true love. The customer may choose to create a keepsake to honor a lost loved one or celebrate the birth of a child. A recreation of a family heirloom or crest is another option. Creating a piece of jewelry to compliment a special occasion outfit is another wonderful way to use custom jewelry. The options are limitless.


Beyaly uses a multi-step processes to help their customers create their own one of a kind design. The first step in the process is to discuss with a Beyaly sales representative what the customer is looking for. Here the customer can choose what type of jewelry they are interested in creating, whether it is a ring, bracelet, necklace, cufflink, earrings, pendent, or charm. The customer can provide drawings, photos, manuscripts, or even videos to help convey what type of design he/she is interested in creating. For example, if a buyer choose to create a ring, they would be able to choose the stone type and shape, if there will be multiple stones, how will the stones attach to the ring, and the metal that the band will be made of. Next, jewelry artists will hand-paint the design. After receiving a deposit, the artists create a 3D sketch drawing of the jewelry. The 3D rendering really brings the piece of jewelry to life, so the buyer can see what their idea looks like before it is created. After the design is approved, a 3D wax mold can be made. Metal that is heated at high temperature is poured into the mold. The mold is then removed, and what is left, is the shaped jewelry. The jewelry is then hand-perfected and polished. The stones are placed into the ring setting base, and polished again to make the gems shine bright. Lastly, the plating is added, and the finalized version of the ring will be ready to be shipped. Beyaly takes pride in the quality and beauty of their jewelry from start to finish. Beyaly ensures that all of their jewelry goes through multi-stepped quality control process; ensuring customers will receive superior products, which they will be thrilled to show off to friends and family.  


When it comes to choosing a jewelry store, Beyaly's decade of custom jewelry experience cannot be ignored and that makes it one of the top places to shop for new dazzling jewelry. Beyaly offers the best design team and software to make your vision come to life. They are not afraid of complicated or intricate designs; so any vision you can dream up, can become a reality. The staff at Beyaly is professional and knowledgeable, and will provide a great service, while you work together to create a truly special piece of jewelry. If you are not interested in designing your own jewelry, Beyaly offers many wonderful jewelry design options that are sure to catch your eye. Beyaly's design options can be bought as is, or personalized, so you can make changes according to your own taste. Beyaly's team will be happy to help you create your vision exactly as you see it. Beyaly's production process is designed to give customers the best quality sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry that is flawless. The company also strides to retail their beautiful sterling silver/stainless steel jewelry for a fair and reasonable price. For more information, call the telephone number 86-755-86240200 or e-mail A sales representative at Beyaly will be happy to assist you in crafting a new design, or help you purchase any of Beyaly's fine jewelry. Any jewelry you buy from Beyaly will be well crafted, noticed, and loved for many years to come.


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