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Tahitian black pearl

        Tahitian black pearl is a special product of the salt lake in French Polynia in the South China Sea.


   It is difficult to cultivate Tahiti black pearls. The process of cultivating pearl oysters is long and easy to die. Coupled with the influence of factors such as weather and water quality, finished products are very rare. There are five standards for the quality of Tahitian black pearls, namely volume, shape, color, skin gloss and purity.


   The annual production of high-quality Tahiti black pearls is estimated to not exceed 150,000, of which 40% are sold through the annual international auction.


   The particle size of most black pearls is concentrated between 9mm and 10mm, and about 60% of the black pearls have a particle size of no more than 11mm. Therefore, 11mm is generally regarded as the limit of the treasures of black pearls, and the round black pearls of 15mm or more are very rare, and there is no ready-made reference market price, which shows that they are expensive and rare.

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