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The Difference in Aesthetics between East and West Jewelry

For beauty, everyone has their own unique insights. This is because it is affected by many factors such as living environment, cultural influence and growth atmosphere. In the East and the West, there are big cultural differences, so as to different aesthetics direction. As one of the representatives of fashion, jewelry is affected by the huge cultural differences between the East and the West, so people have great aesthetic differences in the choice of jewelry. In this post, Beyaly jewelry manufacturers will share you something in these aspects.



In the long river of history, the cultural influences of the Eastern nations are roughly similar. Culturally, introverted and self-effacing is the beauty, focusing on the beauty of harmony, hoping to create an overall beauty of atmosphere through the wearing of jewelry. Therefore, in the choice of jewelry, we strive to achieve a harmonious beauty with the clothing and temperament of the whole person. In choosing the style of jewelry design, pay attention to "expression". In the pursuit of elegant and charming design style, more attention is paid to white space to create artistic conception.


Western culture is different. In Western culture, individualism is more emphasized and the individual is highlighted. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, you will be more inclined to brightly colored and full of style jewelry to highlight yourself. This is why they love all kinds of brightly colored jewelry as decorative embellishments.


Eastern nations like to use totems as a symbol of tribes in their development. It can be said that a totem represents the rise and fall of a tribe. Therefore, the East, which has been influenced by abstract totems for a long time, prefers to use the beast as the theme for creation in the sculpture modeling of jewelry. All things in nature have been given different meanings, and themes with beautiful meaning can be used as materials for jewelry creation.

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In the West, individualism prevails in various designs of jewelry, and power is admired. Therefore, when creating, I prefer highly mighty or beautiful animals such as lions and butterflies to highlight myself. For the engraving and setting of jewelry, the West prefers lifelike sculptures to achieve realistic effects. Like symmetrical beauty, pay attention to the proportional aesthetics in jewelry, and strive to achieve a complementary effect.


In the selection of jewellery materials, the East pursues jade, pearl, coral and other materials with oriental cultural heritage for carving. Especially jadeite has a long history and culture in our country. Through the development of the millennium, we have extremely high attainments in jade. It can be said that jadeite is already one of the pronouns of Chinese jewelry. The West prefers shiny and dazzling jewelry in the selection of jewelry materials, so diamonds, red sapphires, emeralds, etc. are highly sought after.


Of course, with the continuous exchange and integration of Eastern and Western cultures, new sparks are created in the mutual collision. Oriental jewellery also began to boldly experiment with geometric aesthetics and more jewellery proportions. The West also began to create white space and focus on artistic conception in design.


Then, what are the interesting definitions on the characteristics of jewellery in China? Beyaly jewelry manufacturers will tell you next. An ancient Chinese book said: "The five elements are more expensive and cheaper, knowing life and death, and determining success or failure." It can be seen that the five elements have a profound impact on life and destiny. The so-called five elements refer to the five modes of material movement: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They interact with each other and form the relationship between everything in the world and each other. Jewelry also has the attributes of the five elements, which correspond to different mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition relationships. When customizing jewellery, clever use of these attributes, clever combination and combination, can wear good luck and harmony.

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Gold jewellery is mainly yellow and white precious metal products. It is generally believed that the so-called wearing gold and silver can make up the gold, but it is not. Gold is predominantly white. White metals in precious gold have the strongest metallicity, such as platinum, 18k white gold, 925 silver, etc.; yellow metals, such as pure gold, 18k gold, etc., exude the unique yellow properties of gold and are all attribute gold of. The 18k rose gold, and the black and variegated metals used in some jewelry, are not gold. Among colored gemstones, diamonds, white topaz, white tourmaline, white crystal, etc., are attributed to gold.


Properties wood jewelry includes: wood products, leather products. Wood is predominantly green, so colored gemstones belonging to wood are green colored gems, such as emeralds, turquoise, diopside, green emeralds, olive trees, green tourmalines, etc.


The jewellery of attribute water includes: those styles like flowing water. The water is mainly black and blue, and the colored gems that are water are: black agate, black sapphire, blue topaz, obsidian, aquamarine, tanzanite, blue sapphire and so on. In addition, in a sense, all crystals have the properties of water because they are "water" crystals.



Fire-attribute jewelry includes: a variety of styles made of rose gold; fire is mainly red, so colored gemstones that belong to fire include: rubellite, garnet, amethyst, ruby and other jewelry with fire-like colors.


Earth-based jewelry includes: jade, mineral jewelry, such as Hetian jade, etc.; soil is yellow, so the colored gemstones that belong to soil include: yellow tourmaline, lemon crystal, citrine, etc., in addition, pearls and agate are also belonging to Earthy.


If jewelry is single color and single plain gold, it is very qualitative: the attributes of the five elements can be inferred according to the color it belongs to. But jewelry is often complex, such as inlaid with one to many kinds of gems, at this time, the most powerful ones are the main ones. For example, platinum inlaid with diamonds is undoubtedly of gold; platinum inlaid with diamonds, with other side stones such as sapphires, is still of gold.


The attributes of the five elements of a finished jewellery are determined and cannot be changed. As for custom jewelry, the attributes of the five elements can be grasped by the customization of metal and newspaper selection. Therefore, if you want to wear jewelry to help the five elements to complete, you can customize jewelry to coordinate your five elements, and wear them for beauty and good luck.

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At last, the contents are about some tips from Beyaly jewelry manufacturers to help you judge the quality of jewelry and the meaning of each color jewelry.


Jewelry includes jade, gems and pearls. In addition to making jewelry separately, it is usually made of gems inlaid with K gold. What kind of jewelry is good?


First, it must have excellent gloss. Good gems are very shiny in terms of reflected light. Generally speaking, part of the light projected on the gem surface can be reflected from the gem surface. The stronger the reflection, the better the texture of the gem.


Secondly, bright colors and appropriate shadows. Good jewelry needs to be red like chicken blood, blue like a clear sky after rain, white like diamonds, without muddy color, and emerald green like emerald, just like holly in the sun after rain tree.

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Different jewels have different meanings due to their different colors and textures, so you should pay attention to them when buying. Such as rubies, symbolizing love and passion, suitable for girls to make engagement rings or other decorations to express their pursuit of love. Blue-green symbolizes love and happiness, and gives people confidence. Sapphire, a symbol of tranquility, truth, and stability, suitable for middle-aged and elderly women. Diamonds symbolize bravery and health. The pearl symbolizes tranquility, nobility and beauty. Jewelry made of jadeite symbolizes love, bravery and hope, and looks solemn and grand.


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