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The era of personalized custom jewelry is coming

The era of personalized custom jewelry is coming

In this era of consumer revolution and individuality, from the rich to ordinary consumers, from the young to the middle class, personal diamond jewelry customization has become an attitude to life and a consumption criterion. Whether it is necessary or not depends on everyone's attitude towards life.

    The evolution of fashion is a continuous process of seeking differences. Before the era of personalized customization, many consumers with a "different" mentality were obsessed with customized and limited-edition products of international brands, ranging from apparel to cosmetics, from daily necessities to electronic products. The core value of these customized limited edition products is nothing more than its specificity and scarcity. When many brands sell customized or limited edition products, buyers still need to queue up for reservations. These conditions undoubtedly increase consumers' emotional value for customized or limited edition products. In these consumers, the psychology of seeking differences and the pursuit of individuality are vividly demonstrated.

Customization is an attitude to life


    Today, with the development of the times, customization has invaded all aspects of our lives. Diamond customization, customized fashion, customized cars... for food, clothing, housing and transportation. Customization has radiated into the synonymous with "quality life" in all areas of life. At the moment, China is transitioning from a production-oriented consumption country. The consumption capacity of the domestic market, especially the consumption capacity of personalized products, determines the vast space for domestic customization development. The attributes of jewelry increasingly present a person's endorsement of aesthetics and taste. Customization is a collection of personal love, friendship, preferences, temperament, feelings and other personal life elements, through the professional design of designers to express deep-seated psychological needs, it is a symbol of self-expression. There is no need to be luxurious, but it must be individual, and it must be in line with our aesthetic taste-an exclusive unique design and perfect diamond jewelry has become the desire of more consumers in the buyer era. Therefore, customization is a perfect psychological manifestation of consumers' personalized value, participation value, scarcity value, and exclusive value.

    Consumers’ living standards and aesthetic tastes continue to improve, the transparency of information brought about by network technology civilization, and the same homogeneous products can no longer meet people’s unique emotional and personalized needs. Diamond jewelry customization can allow consumers to participate Among them, sharing and spreading the unique fun of life, customization is bound to become a wave of the times. Customization is choosing a lifestyle of self-expression. Customization is not only a reconstruction of materials, but more importantly, a refinement of life value elements. From this point of view, jewelry customization generally exists in people's consumption and needs. Nowadays, some sharp-eyed jewelry people have responded by innovating sales models, designing personalized products, providing customized services, and participating, experiencing, and interacting. With the new consumption trend, the domestic jewelry industry has officially entered a new era of experiential custom consumption.


    Although traditional jewellery brands still maintain a high market share with their reputation and reputation, the non-fashionable new lifestyles of Chinese people in recent years have also given customized brands a living space. At present, many emerging custom jewelry brands are emerging, and custom brands are gradually occupying a higher and higher share of the consumer market.

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