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The miner Fura Gems established the "Fura Marketing Committee" (FMC)

The miner Fura Gems established the "Fura Marketing Committee" (FMC) to provide a supply chain from rough to retail, promote responsible mining of gems and develop the colored gem market. 

Headquartered in Dubai, Fura Gems mines emeralds, sapphires and rubies in Colombia, Australia and Mozambique. The "Raw Stone to Retail" marketing plan implements a membership system. Through the development of mining farms that focus on sustainability and environmental, social and corporate governance, it helps establish a colored gemstone jewelry market with a chain of custody to enhance transparency. The implementation of the plan stems from a survey in North America in 2020. 

The survey found that 93% of jewelry consumers love emeralds, rubies and sapphires, and 46% of them said they will buy these jewelry within two years. Research indicates that distributors, manufacturers, and retailers have not invested in training, promotion, and inventory in response to the development of the category. Colored gem companies, gem cutters and distributors, jewelry manufacturers and designers, and retail stores all over the world can apply to become members of the marketing committee. 

Members can enjoy advertising funds, extensive sales training, promotional resources at all levels of the industry, and consultant support from the marketing committee management team MVI Marketing. The Marketing Committee will start its marketing plan in August.

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