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The Ultimate Suitable Custom 925 wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer-Beyaly Jewelry

Do you engage in the jewelry industry? It will be the joy of every jewelry business dealer to get the most unique, original, and quality jewelry pieces out there. As a jewelry manufacturer and supplier, at Beyaly, we understand this need and satisfy our clients' needs.

In our years of practice, we have gathered the skills and expertise to produce the most beautiful jewelry for our customers. We specialize in all you need when it comes to jewelry. If you need rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry pieces, please don't hesitate to check them out.

Since its inception, we have specialized in manufacturing gold-plated jewelry wholesale from our location in China. We pride ourselves in being among the best Chinese suitable custom 925 wholesale silver jewelry manufacturers.


What features make our custom silver jewelry unique?


To ensure that our products stand out, we invest in ensuring that they portray unique features. The following features help our jewelry outstanding.


Our jewelry is custom-made. As we specialized more in making these products, we had orders from various suppliers and brands that customized pieces. If you need your items made to a certain degree of specifications, we provide this. We make these custom-made products according to the needs of a particular customer. If you have a design that you need to capture in your pieces, we will do precisely that.


Our items present the best quality. We have been in the jewelry sector for a while to understand the best materials for quality products. Sometimes back, you could order jewelry, and after some time, it disintegrates in a way you couldn't agree it was even months old. We go beyond our comfort to invest in the best raw materials to produce quality and durable items. If you need something to remember for a long time, we will help you create a memorable jewelry piece.


We bring you the best plating. We produce gold-plated jewelry from silver material. This way, you will get the best-looking products to ensure that the beauty stands out. The gold plating makes the products have such a unique and outstanding feature in the market. If you need to make profits in your business, this feature will guarantee you excellent profit margins. We receive many orders from our esteemed customers who require custom-made gold-plated jewelry. Our earrings sector gets the most significant demand, and we guarantee you nothing but the best.


We ensure a lightweight production. Imagine having to walk around with a heavy necklace or bracelet around your neck, wrist, or ankle? It will present a big challenge. We invest in the best metals and plaiting material to bring you lightweight products. You will walk around feeling very light and yet very classy.


We incorporate beads and other custom-made pieces in our jewelry. The combined materials add to the beauty and will make your jewelry stand out. We have a variety of incorporations to choose from, and if you have a unique charm or piece, we will incorporate it in your item of choice. The combination of things we use to incorporate in our jewelry products include:

- Gemstones

- Corals

- Amber

- Beads

- Shells

- Special metals

- Enamel


All these materials help in achieving the best look in your product. We manufacture various items using these materials. For custom-made pieces, you get a chance to select what goes into your accessories.


You will enjoy the best unique metal incorporation in your jewelry. If you didn't know, we would produce our jewelry with the best-selling special metals and other materials in the market. These unique features will give your piece a distinctive look. Silver forms part of our jewelry components, and it will produce a fantastic look, especially with the gold plating.


What Jewelry products will you get in our wholesale silver jewelry production?


Our company specializes in the production of various jewelry pieces. Our customers get a variety in the category section to choose from. If you need earrings, necklaces, or any other custom-made piece, we will promptly deliver.


So, what forms those custom silver jewelry categories?


If you need custom-made pieces or have to choose from our available samples, you will find the following categories to choose from.


1. Rings

A ring becomes a vital ornament in most events that present unions like weddings, engagements, and marriage agreements.Since this forms part of the universally accepted traditions, selling these jewelry assets has become a profitable business.


We also manufacture custom-made rings for individual customers who need a unique touch in their pieces. If you need jewelry rings for your business or personal use, we manufacture different types of jewelry rings for your satisfaction. The accessory rings will be of stainless steel material, guaranteeing you durability with zero rusting chances.


The stainless steel presents a furnished appearance for the final product. We ensure that the final product comes out excellent from the production, processing, and marketing stages. The production uses modern-day technology and techniques. The rings come in various shapes of circle, oval, or with a square band. These custom-made little treasures present you with a chance to provide your customers with unforgettable experiences.


Some of our best selling rings include:


The custom simple jewelry ring, No stone 18 K


This item forms a gold stainless steel ring in our jewelry section.You get a minimum quantity order of 100 pieces of this product delivered to you within 25 days upon purchase. If you specialize in the ring marketing and selling business, this unique gold stainless steel ring will be perfect for business. You may gate in a bubble bag or customized packaging.


Rosewood Tungsten Ring Personality


With the rosewood touch and a retro design atmosphere, this piece will remain trendy for the longest time. Men value this ring design, and we make custom-made designs to make your business flourish. With a minimum quantity of 100 pieces, you will find this design affordable and easy to order. Within 25 days of placing an order, you get to have this product shipped to you.


The Dragon Unisex Ring

Do you cherish the Men's black tungsten ring with a gold Celtic? This ring brings you exactly that. The design presents a unique appearance, and anyone looking for a fabulous little treasure will love this piece.


Our company has invested in the finest materials finishing by machine. The Dragon's unisex ring has a beautiful embellishment producing an artistic dragon inside look. The transparent resin on the outward gives this ring the best quality guaranteeing durability.


Pure Titanium Ring


This titanium ring design suits both men and women. The designing and refining attract both genders, and you will have a broad base of customers if you choose to specialize in it. Most clients find it a symbol of true love, while it presents a fashionable ornament for regular customers. The ring comes in a transparent grey color, with the external surface featuring an outstanding zircon appearance. With a minimum quantity of 100 pieces, you will get this iconic piece delivered to you within 25 days.



Black Zircon Eyes Skull Ring


We engage in producing event-based rings as well. This black zircon with a skull ring will be great for artistic dressing and spectacular events like Halloween. This ring design presents plant wire texture. You will also realize that the treasure ring has face and skull details to suit your costume perfectly.

The solid black coating on the surfaces renders the features very noticeable and outstanding. You still have a minimum quantity request of 100 pieces deliverable within 25 days.


These and other ring designs get produced to suit your needs. If you need to purchase other custom-made jewelry rings, consider visiting our website's rings section for more options and further details.


2. Bangles and Bracelets of the 925 silver jewelry manufacturer


We specialize in producing custom-made bangles and bracelets for our wholesale silver jewelry, focusing on quality. Bangles and bracelets have become a favorite artifact and ornamental asset to impress in the fashion world. To complete your look, you will need to have a bracelet or a bangle to make it desirable.


We focus on sterling silver jewelry, gold plated jewelry, stainless steel-made pieces, or any other unique material that guarantees you a customized ornamental item. We provide up to a certain minimum quantity to boost wholesale sales for people in the jewelry business. For our bangles and bracelets, the following have become a favorite among our customers.


The silver water wave design bangle


This bangle has unique white gold plating. The wave-texture design comes out after our engineers hammer it and polish it to bring out a stunning shining look. If your business has various female customers looking to add to their jewelry, this will be a great choice. Every woman will be looking to add a few pieces to our silver water wave design bangle.


Most customers will love to wear it alone or with a stuck of other shell or charm bangles. You may order a minimum of 100 pieces with a delivery time of 25 days upon placing an order.


The full pave Zircon link chain bracelet.


This product forms part of our best-selling bracelets. If you fancy the link chain bracelets or have a pool of customers who find them adorable, this will be your shot. With a minimum quantity of 100 pieces, you will be able to manage a wholesale purchase for your business.


This bracelet provides its customers with an elegant and feminine touch. This bracelet cuts across ages and will be a tremendous feminine asset. You will have this piece delivered within 25 days of purchase.


The gold-tone stainless steel hollow plaid bangle design


This bangle design commands attention, and you will be outstanding wearing it. Customers find it a classy design, and they will enjoy wearing it alone or among other similar elegant pieces. The gold plating look will grant whoever wears it a unique gold-tone plated theme.


The other designs should appear bright if you choose to wear them among other bangles or bracelets. The wholesale price starting from a minimum quantity of above 100 pieces will improve with each increasing amount. Don't let gold-tonestainless hollow plaid designs bypass your collection, and it will get delivered within our standard 25-day period.


The 18K gold-plating cubic zircon inlay bangle for women


Do you want to attract high-class women and men looking for a piece to gift their girlfriends or partners? With a collection of this gold-plated zircon inlay bangle, this achievement will not be a struggle. Most women find this bangle very unique and outstanding in the jewelry sector.

Most elegant women find it best due to its ability to suit any form of dressing. You will easily make it an everyday piece. The minimum quantity stands at 100 pieces, and you also get to receive it within 25 days of purchase.


Colored zircon butterfly bohemian 925 sterling silver bracelet


This bracelet design presents a simple yet elegant design for any bracelet lover. Since most people view butterflies as graceful creatures, we decided to bring this feeling to your body. We designed this bracelet to present a beautiful scene of butterflies and circling AAA horse-eye shapes.


Upon purchasing, you will receive them within 25 days and start making those fantastic profits. Consider making an order of above 100 pieces to meet our minimum order quantity and enjoy great prices.


We provide the above among other varieties of bracelets as a 925 silver jewelry manufacturer. To look at additional of our most unique designs, visit our website and choose the one that suits your business needs.


3. Our Custom Silver Jewelry Earrings


We provide wholesale silver jewelry, custom silvery jewelry as a 925 wholesale silver jewelry manufacturer. We specialize in producing the best earrings, including the following for the best customer experience.


2021 Trendy faceted brass earrings


This earring pair comprises our most loved earring types. The golden-appearing Rhombus hoop earring design proves to be a favorite among most women. The shiny appearance with a multi-cut surface suits any outfit that you choose to wear. These earrings will serve your customers' needs mainly if sold among other of our jewelry items. You may order a minimum of 30 pieces, and the wholesale price decreases as you increase your order pieces. You will get this item delivered within 25 days after purchase.


The Custom Silver Jewelry of Simple Twist Earrings


Do you need the perfect earrings for gifting during special events? Most of our esteemed clients specialize in selling gift jewelry, and we have seen them love this piece. The treasure will win the hearts of most women of any age and present an eloquent look. The three-wire twist brings out our professionalism in earrings production. Most office wear designs find this earring design the perfect match. With only a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces deliverable within 25 days, you may start this earrings business.


Fashion 925 Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings

This earring design presents a pure make with a style twist. The hoops intertwine to produce an elegant design to suit most female fashions. The brilliance, glimmering, and sparkling present you with an iconic piece for your business. If you need to embellish the look of your customers or loved ones with this look, make a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces. We will take up to 25 days to deliver them to you.


For these and more custom-made wholesale silver jewelry, visit the ultimate 925 silver jewelry manufacturer dealer here.


4. The ultimate chains and necklaces 925 silver jewelry manufacturer


Every fashionable look requires you to have a piece of our chains or necklaces with you. We have many years of manufacturing and supplying to various regions worldwide. We guarantee you a sophisticated look.


The following pieces include some of our wholesale silver jewelry in our company.

The full pave Zircon heart necklace.


As wholesale silver jewelry, custom silver jewelry, 925 silver jewelry manufacturer, this neckpiece forms our most unique neckpiece. This necklace appears elegant and straightforward, proving very useful to embrace several functions and events. Our engineers ensured that the design featured a contrasting shiny AAA level zircon detail. This feature will attract most buyers, and it will boost your business growth. We make this custom made if you need it for individual use too. With a MOQ of 50 pieces, we will deliver it to you 25 days after payment.


Fashion flower crystal customized 925 silver pendants


We specialize in unique charms for your fashionable look. The flower design comes to complete a double-layered necklace for your customer preference. This fantastic double-layer necklacecomes mixed with flower layering. With over 50 pieces, you meet our MOQ and get a chance to enjoy the Beyaly brand.


Silver crescent moon pendant necklace


When you crown your jewelry shop with this necklace, all your customers will find it very beautiful. Both the chain and the pendant have had our designers make a unique ornamental piece. The pendant has an average size covering you to give you a sterling neck appearance. The pendant has a star and crescent moon integrated at the bottom of the chain, making it very classy. We will provide you with this piece at a MOQ of 100 pieces. They will get delivered to you within 25 days upon payment completion.


All our necklaces have a custom-made appearance and will be a significant boost in your business. To find more of these unique wholesale silver jewelry, visit our website necklaces link.


5. Our Charms and Pendants


When it comes to charms and pendants, we also produce the best across all China jewelry manufacturers. The wholesale necklace charms come in stringent quality requirements to amaze our buyers and their chain of customers. We deliver these charms and pendants at a favorable wholesale price that will allow you to make a good profit. Some of our best selling in this category include:

The coconut tree pendant with white shell designs


This charm pendant has unique white shells for a complete impression. Weigh approximately 4.4 grams, and you will find it lightweight and easy to use. As time goes, the sterling silvercoconut tree pendant may get oxidized and darken a little. All the same, it retains its glamorous look all the way. Order a minimum of 30 pieces and get the best wholesale price deals for your business.


The silver angel pendant for our custom silver jewelry category


As wholesale silver jewelry, custom silver jewelry, & 925 silver jewelry manufacturer, we guarantee you exclusive pieces. This silver angel pendant provides an extraordinary fashion piece for our current-day generation. This piece will give a fantastic gifting piece for your loved ones. You may make an order with a minimum of 50 pieces to qualify for our wholesale price, which lowers with an increase in item numbers.


We provide the above and other custom-made charms and pendants for all our clients. Whenever you buy in quantity, the price per piece lowers and gives you a higher profit margin.


6. Custom silver jewelry sets for your wholesale silver jewelry store

We pride ourselves in producing perfect jewelry sets comprising Beyaly necklaces, earrings, and rings. We mainly use our most valued central stones and semi-precious stones. This process allows us to make custom-made matching pieces to suit your clients even better.


In the gemstone jewelry set, the pieces come ready-made, with other designs having possible customization. You will find our quality unquestionable and the price very affordable for our bulky purchasing clients. The following jewelry sets will set an example of what you stand to see in our company.


The blue gemstone heart jewelry set for women


This wholesale silver jewelry, custom silver jewelry, 925 silver jewelry manufacture ensures you get unique sets for your everyday use. Most women cherish this exceptional piece and will value owning such an iconic jewelry set.


This item proves outstanding with a necklace, earring, and a bangle presenting the blue heart design. The S925 silver material comprises our highly valued material offering nothing but a quality ornament. With a MOQ of 50 pieces, I find this product very affordable. If you need to give your customers the best, invest in our best iconic items for your business brand.


The Oval gemstone jewelry set


This set formed our 2020 wholesale new design and gave our clients good returns. This iconic piece still trends and comes with a necklace, bungle, and a bracelet. All the sizes guarantee you the best fitting. The design presents the shape of a bubble and makes it very spectacular.


Most customers looking for contemporary and fashionable pieces will find this item the best. It also doubles as a fantastic gift for special occasions. You will get this iconic product with a MOQ of 50 pieces giving you a chance to start your jewelry business in style.


We produce and supply these and many more jewelry sets for your custom-based customers. Feel free to make an order and receive your package within 25 days upon payment completion.


What are the benefits of purchasing our wholesale and custom silver jewelry from our 925 silver jewelry manufacturer?


You will receive quality products for your business. If you provide your customers with poorly made jewelry products that prove non-quality, your business will hang on the balance towards failure. No one will invest their time and money to purchase low-quality jewelry pieces. Our company guarantees you the best quality to make your custom silver jewelry business flourish.


We provide an attainable MOQ number for all our products. Considering we produce high-quality wholesale silver jewelry products, it will not prove difficult to attain our minimum order quantity. This MOQ will guarantee you exceptional returns in the shortest time possible.


We invest in quality material for our metal and gemstone raw materials. The stainless steel will guarantee you durability and a shiny silver appearance for the longest time. Our gold plating doesn't wear off quickly, and you will enjoy that golden look for a long time.

We provide a quick shipment plan for our customers. We produce bulk products for many clients and afford to attain the 25-day delivery period. We start processing the shipment immediately after payment to guarantee you timely delivery. We produce most custom-made products in bulk to avoid wasting time creating more once an order has reached us.


We enjoy a good reputation with other jewelry manufacturers across China and beyond. This diplomatic relationship guarantees our customers a continuous supply of products even when our collection goes down. You will always succeed in getting a jewelry asset with us.


We provide you with a warranty duration for our jewelry products. If you find a broken item in our shipped products, we may offer a free replacement during the warranty period. If the product gets damaged due to mishandling or personal infliction, we may charge you for a replacement.


Final thought


If you need reputable wholesale silver jewelry, custom silver jewelry, or a 925 silver jewelry manufacturer, we got you covered. Come to us and enjoy a fantastic purchasing experience with attractive wholesale prices. We dedicate our time and resources to produce outstanding ornamental pieces to suit your business needs. If you need bangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces, or charms, then visit us today and get the best deals for your jewelry accessories. 

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