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To provide guidance to the industry during the COVID-19 crisis, CIBJO provides all blue books for free

As the international jewelry industry faces the challenge of global economic stagnation, governments have taken corresponding actions against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. CIBJO announced that it will no longer charge its blue book industry standard download fees and terminology.


The CIBJO Blue Book is a clear grading standard and term set for diamonds, colored stones, pearls, coral, precious metals and gemology laboratories and responsible procurement practices. Since there are few jewelry industry standards recognized by the International Standards Organization (ISO), they are the most widely accepted set of rules and terminology and have been recognized by the European Court of Justice, governments and governments. Regulatory agencies around the world.


CIBJO Chairman Gaetano Cavalieri said: "Given the scale of the current crisis, this is obviously a mild gesture, but we are eager to make it." "Like many other economic sectors The jewelry business is largely at a standstill. But this is temporary. When the market starts to fluctuate again, we believe that all our industry members will work together to support this progress with a common set of rules and practices. This is what the Blue Book advocates. "


The Blue Book is compiled by CIBJO committees and is continuously updated every year. Their standards represent a consensus that stems from the extensive expertise within the committees on the subject, and also from individuals outside the committees who are interested in participating in the development of the guidelines.


The application of the Blue Book standard is voluntary. However, it is recommended that these standards should apply to all individuals, partnerships and companies at all stages of the jewelry distribution chain, from the initial purchase of all industrial products to the creation of jewelry (including creation).

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