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Hair Accessories Trend 2021 That Can't Be Ignored In Spring And Summer

Trend of hair accessories that can't be ignored in spring and summer 2021

Hair Accessories Trend 2021 Overview

The world epidemic in 2020 has hindered import and export trade, and some changes have taken place in the fashion circle. The 92-year-old Hermes legendary designer passed away because of the new crown, such as the famous Italian shoe designer Sergio Rossi infected with the new crown. Ins all kinds of funny and panic fashion people who are isolated at home. After the epidemic, the dull life will drive a wave of economic recovery. At the same time, the hair accessories trends 2020 in spring and summer, are not as simple as before. More is exaggerated or magnificent. The theme is more distinct and diverse. Flower headwear, pearls, sustainability, etc. dominate.


Flowers may not be innovative elements, but they are certainly the most elegant. The theme of hair accessory trends 2021 is influenced by the naturalistic elements of the 1900-1920s. The floral elements are not limited to the bride's headdress, a more natural floral presentation and a pastoral print pattern coexist.

Photorealistic flower

London's flower shop Philippa Craddock provided flowers to Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior and Hermès, and now creates equally beautiful hair accessories. The brand has used hundreds of years of plant illustrations in the museum archives to develop into a series of wearable ornaments, featuring the popular handmade artificial flowers and leaves to convey amazing realism. The silk flower decoration and pink hairpin hair band reproduce the elements of the idyllic English garden.

English pastoral small floral

The English pastoral little flowers and romantic little roses blend into the nostalgic atmosphere of the age. Faithfull and Kachel brands use simple three-color combinations to give simple hair accessories a visual simplification, and also choose blue and green colors to highlight the colorful spring and summer. 

Design reference

On the silk scarf print pattern, you can choose the color of the ink wash with rich hand-painted effect and simple line flowers. Or it is surrounded by small hydrangea flowers with elegant vine branches and leaves, large green leaves and simple colors of pink flowers, but also has a visual print design. And become an important popular pattern in spring accessories trends and summer.

Inlaid hair accessories

Rosantica's golden Divinità headband is decorated with multiple rectangular cut white crystals to pay tribute to the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s. The meteor crescent is set with sparkling round and rectangular cut white crystals, showing a charming sense of sculpture. Rainbow-colored headdresses are inlaid with gems of different colors. Made by Italian craftsmen. Rosantica's headdress can be used as a pair of items to attend the dinner.

sustainable development

Sustainability from the point everyone has focused on in 19 years to 2021 will continue to be a factor of choice for consumers. Wrapped in cotton-blend satin ribbon, with fringe at the edges for a striking look. The leaves of the linen fabric plant are being woven and redesigned. Incorporate environmentally friendly marine elements from the plastic-free coast.

Group goods

The embellished headband Simone Rocha with rebellious charm is very conspicuous, including this beige raffia iteration. Surrounded by silver metal rivets, intricately pleated palm ropes are wound, and artificial pearls are scattered around the rivets. Woven and straw rope hair accessories are paired with white dresses and romantic gauze suits. Sweet and natural holiday style.

Complex Pearl

In 19 years, pearl hairpins by ins swept our entire horizon. In the spring and summer of hair accessories 2020, Pearl will continue to enter the public perspective in a new way. Break away from a single white pearl. In terms of color, gold and pink are paid more attention, and more attention is paid to the design of pearls. Whether it is a series design with flowers, or a classic black and white with different colors, or a wide hairpin and a wide headband. The tassel design is used in the treatment of details, adding charming and flexible when walking.

Baroque pearl hair accessory

Baroque pearl hair accessories, whether in asymmetric necklaces or earrings, will be popular as a key item in the Z era consumer group. The baroque flakes on the hair accessories are used as embellishments on simple black hairpins. At the same time, the baroque shaped pearl hairpins in different color combinations such as malachite green and purple tones.

Conclusion: Hope this article of 2021 hair accessory trends is useful for you. Welcome to contact Beyaly Jewelry and talk about hair accessories trends 2021.

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