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What Jewellery Should I Give My Girlfriend for Christmas?

At the end of the year, we will go hand in hand with someone we love for another year. This year's life has not been less difficult, but whenever we are exhausted, her beloved can always bring you a little tenderness, regardless of joy and frustration. New Year's Day is approaching and Christmas is near. Have you confessed to your loved one? Have you heard from her heartfeltly? If you haven't had time, you can choose Beyaly custom jewelry as a surprise. 

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Beyaly Jewelry Co., Ltd., the wholesale jewelry suppliers, is located in Shenzhen, China, with over 10 years history. It has accumulated a strong customer base in Europe and America. With creative and experienced designer team as well as the most advanced waxing machine, we can provide meticulous and differentiated personalized customization services.


Then, how to choose the suitable custom jewelry for Christmas gift? Beyaly wholesale jewelry suppliers will share you three types of jewelries next that you can make a decision: fine jewelry, light luxury jewelry and fashion jewelry.


What is the difference between fine jewelry, light luxury jewelry and fashion jewelry?


There are many types of jewelry, the materials and styles involved are different, and the requirements for age and social level are also different. The differences and insights between high-end jewelry, light luxury jewelry and fashion jewelry are for reference only.


Fine jewelry


Generally appear in high-end occasions. Generally, the finest rough stones are used as the main stone, and 18K gold is mostly used as the metal inlay material, and precious gems such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and emeralds are used as the main stones.


Regardless of the material's color, clarity, cutting process, and wire drawing times, it is the best. Ingeniously conceived and designed, there are also many original artistic expressions, which are enough to describe its beauty as "pleasant to the eye", and even out of print for collection.


Whether it is the combination of the main stone and the matching stone, or the color combination, it is considered the most classic, and the line and structure ratio change is perfect. The meticulous craftsmanship makes each product unique, and it is purely handmade. The processing at the junction of inlay and polishing is even more seamless. Any materials and craftsmanship will not be copied and mass-produced, which can be time-consuming. As long as several years, so its unit price is quite expensive, which is the biggest threshold and barrier for high-end jewelry.


Light luxury jewelry


Generally appear in the office, not as exaggerated and luxurious as fine jewelry. But it is not weaker than the design sense and material selection of high-end jewelry, and the craftsmanship is relatively simple, which can be copied in large quantities. Its style design pursues small and exquisite, light and simple, and extremely cost-effective.


Often loved by white-collar petty bourgeoisie, the concise style more truly shows the attitude of young girls to life, simple but not simple, the era of light luxury can give people a low-key, simple, comfortable, fashionable and noble and elegant self personality.


Fashion jewelry


Usually appear on stage. Commonly used materials, the pursuit of ever-changing styles, novel and exaggerated, highlighting individuality, structural design and color matching are more bold.


It is also to match the overall matching effect of the clothing, highlight the focus effect and attract attention. Therefore, you will often see all kinds of jewelry worn by celebrities and models on show are relatively exaggerated and dazzling. It is the forefront of fashion jewelry, because they lead the fashion and trends of this era and the future.


All in all, no matter which style of jewelry, what it presents to the world is its different attributes and functions. The best difference is its price, identity, age and occasion.



If you also confused on choosing the jewelry. Then I recommend the silver jewelry wholesale. Silver jewelry refers to all kinds of decorations made of silver. Silver is one of the precious metals, and it is white color. Silver jewelry adopts various processing techniques. There are many types of silver jewelry processed. They are basically divided into earrings, neck decorations, and hands. There are 5 categories of ornaments, foot ornaments and clothing.


Modern medicine believes that silver can sterilize and reduce inflammation, detoxify and maintain health, prolong life, and long-term use can accelerate metabolism and enhance resistance. It can be seen that often wearing silver jewelry is beneficial to health without any harm.


From ancient times to the present, women who love beauty have liked to pierce their ears. Anyone who wears pierced ears knows that if a pair of iron earrings are worn on the pierced ears, almost 100% of them will become inflamed, and silver earrings will not cause inflammation. And the wound healed quickly. Of course, the ear itself cannot prefer high-priced jewelry. This shows that silver has a strong anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect.


Before antibiotics were discovered, inflammation was fatal, and it was a minor trauma that would kill people due to improper handling. According to documentary records, on the battlefields of ancient China, some wounded soldiers could not find medicine for a while, so they beat the silver they carried with them into silver pieces and covered them on the wound. This not only prevented wound infection, but also speeded up wound healing. .


When a person is sick, there are nothing more than two reasons, namely internal and external. Internal causes refer to the body’ s own metabolic disorders, causing diseases, such as diabetes, dwarfism, etc.; external causes are due to external influences or harm Microbial infections cause diseases, the most common ones are viral infections and bacterial infections.


Modern medicine has confirmed that silver can kill all harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and real disease barrier). Silver ions have a good effect on the treatment of gastritis, malaria, parasites, psoriasis, eye, ear and oral infections, and yeast infections. It can be taken orally or externally.


Ethnic minorities in many areas of China country like to use silverware to store food to keep food fresh and delicious for a long time. Here is an example. When guests come to the grassland, the highest etiquette for the grassland people to receive guests is to pay homage to the horse milk wine in a silver bowl.


The silver bowl is not only a symbol of nobility and purity, it represents the highest courtesy, but also has the effect of preserving freshness, because horse milk will deteriorate after a few days when placed in an ordinary bowl, but the horse milk in the silver bowl But it can keep the delicious and mellow fragrance for a long time.

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For many years, jewelry has played an important role in women's clothing. Jewelry is considered an integrated part of women's fashion and style. There are almost no women who dislike jewelry.


First, show your charm. It’s no secret that women love jewelry. Women love jewelry because custom jewelry is no longer considered something that can only be worn on certain occasions. If you go to a party today, you will find that women wearing jewelry are often more prominent than others. Women who wear jewelry are more charming, more attractive and unique. Therefore, people like to wear jewelry. No matter what the occasion, they can choose a piece of jewelry that suits them to make themselves look more dazzling.


Second, show your taste. Custom jewelry has become an indispensable part of every woman’s dressing taste. The wearing of jewellery not only increases the beauty of a woman, but also highlights the taste of a woman. Different materials and styles of jewellery are the embodiment of women’s taste. But what we need to pay attention to is that for fashionable women, suitable jewelry has an inspiring charm. The charm of jewelry and people's needs should be perfectly integrated, so that jewelry can show their taste.

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Though there are many uses of silver, stainless steel jewelry is one of the most popular. Beyaly wholesale jewelry suppliers lovingly craft silver into wonderful styles restricted just by the imagination. Both economical and wonderful gold jewellery can be found at merchants and on the internet. Be sure you do your research to ensure you are getting the most effective value possible as you will find a broad selection of pricing. 


Romance is approaching, if you don’ t know what jewellery is worth buying for Christmas? What jewellery is good for a girlfriend for Christmas? What good jewellery is recommended for New Year's Day? I recommend you to choose Beyaly wholesale jewelry suppliers to make the special  custom jewelry for unique Christmas surprise.


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