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Why does the 18k gold diamond ring fade?

  Because 18K gold contains other 25% precious metals, 18K gold does not appear yellow. 18K gold is divided into three colors: white, yellow and red. So why does the 18K gold diamond ring fade after wearing it for a long time? In fact, it is not fading. The 18K gold itself is yellow, but it is adjusted to white or red with other precious metals. Some behaviors in daily life will cause the coating to wear. For example: when doing housework, bathing, applying cosmetics, or rubbing with other hard objects, there will be varying degrees of wear and tear. After the coating is worn out, the original color of the metal will be exposed, and a faint yellowish white will appear. This is a normal phenomenon.


   There are many consumers who don’t know this when they wear jewelry, and mistakenly think that the quality of the jewelry is a problem. In fact, you don’t have to worry. After this problem occurs, you can go directly to the relevant professional jewelry organization to do some maintenance, and then clean the plating again, and you can restore your 18K gold diamond ring as new!


  18K gold is all blended and mixed according to the regular proportions. After being made and shaped, it is processed by die-holding, polishing and electro-golding. 18K gold is extremely stable, not easy to deform, and can ensure the safety of your diamonds. It is your preferred material for diamond rings. As long as you buy an 18k gold diamond ring, go to a jewellery brand with a reputation and good after-sales service. When the 18k gold diamond ring fades, you can send it back to the merchant for free cleaning and plating.

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