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18k gold plated heart shape beads chain necklace

At the core of this necklace's allure are the meticulously crafted heart-shaped beads that rhythmically grace the chain. Each bead, a testament to precision and artistry, encapsulates the universal symbol of love and passion. These heart-shaped treasures, in a poetic sequence, create a visual narrative that speaks to the romance and allure that are often found in fairy tales and love stories.The luxurious touch of 18k gold plating enhances the necklace, offering a warm, golden hue that radiates a gentle yet opulent glow. This premium layering serves not only as a testament to the piece's quality but also acts as a canvas that highlights the sculpted heart beads, allowing them to truly shine and captivate the beholder. The gold undertone brings a rich depth to the necklace, creating a harmonious blend of luxury and sentimentality.Wearing this necklace feels like an embrace, a gentle encircling that carries with it whispers of affection and timeless connections. Its delicate demeanor is versatile, allowing it t
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The 18k Gold Plated Heart Shape Beads Chain Necklace embodies romance and elegance. This exquisite piece features a series of delicate heart-shaped beads, each finely crafted and plated in rich 18k gold for a luxurious finish. Arranged on a slender chain, these hearts form a charming sequence that captures the light and the eye. Ideal for daily wear or special occasions, this necklace adds a heartfelt touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Process flow


2.Make Mould


4.Cutting Model

5.Inlaying CZ