One of the Leading Wholesale Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in China-Beyaly.


Beyaly - one of the best jewellery manufacturers in china specialized in custom jewellery manufacturing over 14 years. With professional custom fashion jewellery experience, we can customize the products to customer requirements. Welcome to know more information about buying jewelry in bulk in china online.


① Contact the salesman to communicate what you think

(preferably provide photos, manuscripts, or videos)

② Payment (deposit)

③ The designer completes the design

④ Provide 3D design drawings

⑤ Modify Design(if need)

⑥ Confirm the design

⑦ Pass to the production process

⑧ Balance payment after production finished、

⑨ Delivery

Wholesale Jewelry Cad and Manufacturing Companies

Beyaly jewellery wholesalers china has a custom unique jewellery design team of experienced designers who can use software such as jewellery CAD.



In the past 5 years, with the increasing demand for individuality, we are more deeply committed to providing meticulous and differentiated personalized customization services.

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