We are the earliest chinese supplier providing the customized services in the jewelry market for more than ten years.
We have provided customized services or solutions for no less than 300 customers in Europe and America. We are not only producers but also problem solvers. With a large number of successful experiences for helping our customer achieve their goals, we have accumulated the huge amount of technologies and solutions for our customers, so as we are capable of make new customers more satisfied and to offer better service to them.
We have a team of experienced designers can use the software such as jewelry CAD and rhinoceros to help our customer’s idea come true. Even for those complex designs involving realistic figures such as characters and animals, we also be able to provide you with the perfect design.
Our skilled workers have become our most valuable asset.
We purchased the first generation of 3D printed waxing machine 8 years ago. It make us the earliest jewelry manufacturing company with this technology. And in October of 2018, we just updated our waxing equipment to the latest models, which can providing the better service for our customer.
We are the gold supplier member of Alibaba for more than 11 years. Our product quality and services have been gained social recognition and public praise. You are welcome to consult us and tell us what you need, we will help you to fulfill your wishes.


Beyaly Jewelry Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, China, with over 10 years history. It has accumulated a strong  customer base in Europe and America.


In the past 5 years, with the increasing demand for individuality, we are more deeply committed to providing meticulous and differentiated personalized customization services. As a pioneer in personalized customization services, we have accumulated over 300 customized customers in our markets.


Base on this, we have built a creative and experienced designer team. We equipped with the most advanced waxing machine , so that the design products can be realized with the highest speed and best quality.

At the same time, we improve the quality of the mold by using laser automatic molding technology to make the model and image consistent. It is the variety of styles and high quality products that make us a leader in the jewelry industry. In the production department, we have a group of skilled workers, who work diligently in every production process to complete products.After the process of molding, polishing, inlaying, electroplating, quality inspection, etc. The perfect jewelry came out.We are a professional and energetic team, we are happy to grow with you and help each other.



In 2006, Beyaly Jewelry Company was founded. We started to getting involved in stainless steel jewelry.


In 2008, we started to do silver jewellery.


In 2010, our design department was established and we  own our first 3D printing machine. In the same year, I started to provide the steel mold to produce higher quality products for our clients.


In the same year of 2010, we began to design and produce group rings (student rings, championship rings). Now, we are one of the most experienced and competitive opponents in the market in this field.


In 2011-2014, the company entered the extraordinary development stage. Our designer team quickly developed to over 10 people. Our production department also rapidly increased to more than 50 workers. The group rings had also a big success and development.


In 2015, we began to sponsor public welfare undertakings and began donating commemorative rings to some groups and universities.


In 2016, we developed a new material that is more suitable to produce the quality group rings.


2017 to date, the company's business is booming.






Address:Room 1112 & 1113, Baoyuan Huafeng Headquarter Economy Building,Xixiang Avenue, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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