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Share useful information! Do you know the classification of jewelry?

06 May

  Accessories have become an indispensable part of our lives. Wearing the right accessories can add points to our overall appearance, bring different visual effects, highlight our figure, and show our most beautiful side. So accessories are very important to each of us. So how much do you know about the classification of jewelry?

Classification by material

1. Metal jewelry

Metal jewelry refers to jewelry made of various metal materials

1) Gold: pure gold, pure gold, gold alloy (K gold)

2) Platinum: Platinum of different purity

3) Silver: sterling silver, ordinary jewelry silver

4) Palladium: Palladium of different purity

Other metal jewelry include iron (mostly stainless steel), nickel alloy, copper and its alloys, aluminum and its alloys, tin alloys, etc.

2. Non-metal jewelry

Non-metal jewelry refers to jewelry made of non-metal materials.

Such as: gemstone materials, glass, ceramics, leather, ropes, silk, plastic, rubber, wood, plant fruits

Classification by process means

1) Jewelry with gemstones. Jewelry made by inlaying gemstones into metal materials using various techniques. Here, metal materials mainly refer to precious metals

2) Metal jewelry. Jewelry made directly from metal materials. This type of jewelry is often made directly from precious metals, so it is also called precious metal jewelry.

Classification based on factors such as designer’s design concept, jewelry consumption target, market, etc.

1) Commercial jewelry. A kind of jewelry that is moderately priced, adapts to market consumer demand and fashion trends, and can be mass-produced

2) Art jewelry. A kind of jewelry that uses unlimited materials, has a strong subjective cultural color and creativity of the designer, and has more artistry and appreciation.

Classified by gender of wearer

1) Men’s jewelry. Men's jewelry in a broad sense includes, in addition to clothing, all decorative items in men's lives, such as eyes, gold pens, business card cases, cigarette cases, rings, necklaces, etc. Men's jewelry in a narrow sense only includes artistic decorations suitable for men, such as necklaces, bracelets, tie clips, brooches, belt buckles, cuffs, etc.

2) Women's jewelry, that is, women-specific jewelry.

Classification by wearing part

1) Headgear. That is, jewelry that decorates the parts of the human body above the eyes. The main types include crown jewelry, hair jewelry, and forehead jewelry.

2) Surface decoration. That is, facial jewelry that decorates the human body below the eyebrows and above the chin. The main varieties include ear jewelry, nose jewelry, glasses, tooth jewelry, lip jewelry, etc.

3) Necklaces. That is, jewelry that decorates the human neck. Its main varieties include collars, necklaces, pendants, etc.

4) Chest ornaments. It is also called clothing in some works, that is, jewelry worn on the chest of the human body based on clothing. The main varieties include brooches, collar flowers, tie clips, etc.

5) Hand jewelry. That is, jewelry that decorates human hands and arms. The main varieties include rings, bracelets, bracelets and arm bracelets.

6) Waist ornaments. That is, jewelry that decorates the waist of the human body. The main varieties include belts, waist pendants, belt hooks, jade pins, etc.

7) Foot accessories. That is, jewelry that decorates human feet, the only types include anklets, anklets, rings, etc.



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